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Week beginning 13th May 2021

It has been wonderful to have all the children back this week and so refreshing to see the children mixing more freely. The glorious weather of the first few days of term was also uplifting. It is always an exciting time, especially for new Reception and Nursery children and families, but this year felt more special than most given the past 18 months.

Almost all the children have quickly settled into school’s routines.

 At Seaburn Dene, we want our children to really enjoy coming to school and really enjoy their time at home. It was lovely to see their smiling faces on Monday as they found their way to their new classrooms.

 Year six are preparing for house captain elections and have settled into their learning and getting used to that sense of responsibility that comes with being the oldest children in school.

 Year five, like many of our children, have grown taller over the summer! They have quickly settled to the routines and expectations of their new year group and we are very much looking forward to seeing their outcomes over the academic year. They couldn't wait to get stuck into tag rugby.

 Year four are thinking about and navigating a new way into school. Like Year five they threw themselves into tag rugby with their usual enthusiasm.

 Year three have certainly grown up and are showing that they are ready for key stage two. They have certainly impressed us with how sensible they are when walking around the school, especially during lunch time.

 Year two are loving joining gonoodle and getting up and dancing in class. We have really noticed how supportive they are of each other, for example, when they collect their lunch and when moving around the school they hold the door open for the others without being asked. They really are showing great kindness towards each other. Well done year two.

 Year one keep telling us how much fun they are having! They have quickly found their way around and have shown some "fantastic walking" - particularly when joining the rest of the school at lunchtime.

 Reception have amazed us all! They have quickly settled to the routines and expectations of the reception environment and they are very independent when getting their lunch - we have some fabulous tray holding! Well done reception! They are a really social group of children and it has been great to see the friendships that have formed already.

 Nursery are having a staggered start to the new school year. The nursery staff have enjoyed meeting the new children and can’t wait for them all to be in and learning together.

 We hope that all our parents and carers have also enjoyed the children’s return to school. We look forward to sharing your children's continued success over this first half term back.