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The Bishop of Jarrow

Mark, Bishop of Jarrow enjoys answering the children's questions and leading assembly.

On Thursday 5th May 2016 we were delighted when Mark, the Bishop of Jarrow visited our school. He got straight to work, answering the children's questions about life, death and being a bishop. Bishop Mark really enjoyed the challenge of the children's questions and being put on the spot.


Jennifer asked him whether he thought you should stand by someone you believed was in the right, even if it cost you your life.

Jamie asked if everyone has a spirit.

Lots of children wanted to know how Bishop Mark became a bishop and whether he enjoyed his work.


Year 6 impressed Bishop Mark with their knowledge of the parable of the Prodigal Son so he left them with a thought. "If you were the other brother would you go to the party or would you be so upset you'd stay away?"


In assembly Bishop Mark mesmerised the children with his retelling of the parable of The Lost Sheep, relating it to his job. He then dressed in his robes, teaching us about their origins in Roman times and how purple was a colour only the mega rich would be able to afford. He presented the school with a signed copy of "The Action Bible" illustrated by the Marvel comic illustrator Sergio Cariello. The time passed like a click of a finger and, before we knew it, the visit was over with the bishop heading off to his evening appointment in Stockton.


Thank you to Reverend Child, the Bishop's office and Bishop Mark himself for such a memorable and inspirational afternoon.