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The School Day

Years 1-6


The school playground opens at 8.45am. Staff are on duty from 8.45am. We kindly ask that children do not arrive before this time. Children in Years 4 to 6 are invited to enter school if they wish to begin work at 8.45am.


At 8.55am the bell rings for school to start and learning to begin.


Assemblies take place each day at 10.20am. We have a longer singing assembly on a Wednesday, from 10am.


Break- 10.40am to 11am. Children are allowed a piece of fruit or vegetable sticks.


Lunch-12.00pm to 1.05pm. All children eat together in the main hall until 12.30pm. When they are finished eating they clear their table and enjoy playtime.


Afternoon Playtime-Children in Years 1 and 2 have a 10 minute break each day. If children at Key Stage 2 have been kept indoors during the lunch break due to poor weather, teachers will provide a 10 minute activity break at a suitable point in their afternoon lessons.


School Ends at 3.20pm. Children not collected by 3.30pm will be taken to the after school club. Parents should collect from the after school club entrance and pay for that session.