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Geography at Seaburn Dene Primary School

Welcome to our new Geography curriculum. Geography, we believe, can inspire children with a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people which will remain with them for the rest of their lives. It, therefore, forms an important part of our curriculum and is taught individually as well as being incorporated across other areas of the curriculum such as English, history, art and dance. Detailed below is an overview of what your child will learn in Geography through each of the key stages.


In Key Stage 1 children will develop their knowledge about the United Kingdom and their own locality. They’ll learn how to use maps, atlases and globes as well as learn simple compass directions. The children will also study seasonal and daily weather patterns in the United Kingdom and look at the hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the equator and the North and South Poles. Children will carry out field trips and investigations into temperature and weather conditions.


In Key Stage 2 the children will look to extend their knowledge to beyond their local area and will study Europe as well as North and South America. They will begin to look at similarities and differences of human geography such as types of settlement and land use. They will also study physical geography elements such as climate zones, rivers, mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes. Children will continue to use maps, atlases and globes and will use the 8 points of the compass in their work. They will start to consider the use of four and six figure grid references and ordinance survey maps. Children will carry out field trips and investigations into environmental activity.


Progression will be assessed through evaluation of your child’s written work and and consideration of their responses and contributions to discussions. You will also, at the end of every year, receive an age-related assessment.


Geography Topics, Skills and Knowledge, Years 1-6

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