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Welcome to French at Seaburn Dene Primary School.


Learning an additional language gives us an opportunity to look at the world differently. It breaks down barriers and encourages us to be more open minded. It helps us to communicate and to be more tolerant of others in a rapidly changing world. 


At Seaburn Dene Primary School, we celebrate and welcome differences within our school community, this is reflected in our language lessons which embrace not only the language being taught, but also the culture of the countries which speak this language.


Our French curriculum has been designed to engage our learners using topics which they will find interesting. 

Key Stage 1

During Key Stage 1, children develop the understanding that French is a different language. They discover where France is and how to get there from where they live. Songs and simple stories are used, often stories the children are already familiar with in English, to allow them to become accustomed to hearing the new language. Topics studied engage children and enable them to understand basic language such as colours and numbers. 

Children begin to join in with the actions and some words in a song, rhyme or story. They also learn to read and write individual French words which build towards their language learning at Key Stage 2. The emphasis in Key Stage 1 is on children developing an interest in the French language along with gaining knowledge about French culture. Children will be taking part in short, familiar exchanges in French.


Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2, children are introduced to French phonics, which enables them to read, spell and pronounce words more accurately. Learners begin to put together simple sentences using both new vocabulary and words previously learnt at key stage 1. Simple sentences then progress to more complex sentences which allow children to give their opinions on a variety of engaging topics.
Children are given the opportunity to listen to spoken French, wherever possible by native speakers to help accustom their ear. 

Grammar is introduced in order for children to understand key concepts such as gender, adjectival agreement and verb conjugation. Children are taught the skill of using a bilingual dictionary in order for them to gain independence in their language learning. 

French Curriculum years 1-6

Useful Links for home learning

Children love to share their language learning at home. Encourage your child to sing you the songs we have been learning, count in French and tell you the new words they have been learning.


Here are some interesting websites and videos to enhance learning at school. We hope you enjoy them.