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Anti-Bullying & Positive Behaviour

Our Vision


Our school vision is central to our positive approach to behaviour in school, creating a calm, learning environment: "We always aim to be that little bit better."

 Four key elements of our vision values: kindness, respect, determination and aspiration, reflect the values we want children to celebrate and which, we, in turn will celebrate with them.

This, in turn, will provide a positive, safe and happy learning environment in which everyone is inspired and empowered to achieve their full potential.

Vision Values


Our vision values are: kindness, respect, determination and aspiration.


These key messages are visible throughout the school and our weekly assembly themes are build around them.


On  Friday we hold a Celebrate Success Assembly. Two children from each class are nominated for a Golden Book Award for demonstrating on of the themed vision values of that week. Certificates are given out according to the value demonstrated, alongside House Points. Winners have hot chocolate with the headteacher. We also celebrate children's writing, class attendance and 100% individual attendance weekly awards.

Our Rules

Record of Positive Achievement


We seek to recognise the outstanding in our school. For outstanding work, manners or behaviour in or out of class, children will receive a positive memo from a member of our school team. These can be awarded by an member of staff.

Once a child has achieved 10 of these, their parents/family will be invited to join us for a Celebrate Success Assembly, to watch their child receive a Bronze Record of Positive Achievement. Awards then progress to silver, gold, platinum and diamond.

In order to truly celebrate, help children grow in confidence and self-esteem, we are proactive in seeking out the outstanding on a daily basis.


Individual Rewards


In the summer term, those children with an outstanding record of attendance, behaviour, attitude to home reading and at least a bronze record of positive achievement, will receive an individual reward and the opportunity for a unique learning experience outside of school.

House Points


We have four school houses: Griffin, Dragon, Phoenix and Unicorn, led by captains/vice-captains chosen from Year 6. House points awarded alongside other positive behaviour systems in school. The house points are accumulated from classes and winning houses are revealed at the Celebrate Success Assembly.


Attendance Awards


We positively reward outstanding attendance. Our Spike trophy is awarded to the class with the highest average attendance each week at the Celebrate Success Assembly. The winning class receives an additional 10 minutes playtime on a day during the next week. Children with 100% attendance for the week get entered into a prize draw on Friday.

Class Dojo Reward System


We are currently using the Class Dojo reward system to encourage positive behaviour in school. Children can earn Dojo points by demonstrating positive behaviour such as helping others, working hard, being kind to others and making good progress during lessons. However, children can also lose Dojo points for breaking the school rules, including being disrespectful, being off task or hurting others. In Yrs 1 and 3, we are trailling an approach where parents can access the details of their child's Dojo account.



Behaviour Tracking


We have clear guidelines in school on dealing with unacceptable behaviour, which are displayed (alongside the school rules) in each our school.

At Seaburn Dene Primary, we are rigorous and consistent in using behaviour tracking and children are familiar with the consequences of making poor choices in our school.

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