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Welcome to our new history curriculum.


From inspirational stories of individuals to stories of destruction, violence, war and romance, history has it all.  Children can judge the actions of people and societies of the past to discover the motivations behind decisions that still influence us today. By building up their knowledge and developing skills of analysis, children are taught to look at the reliability and  prejudice of evidence so that they are equipped to imagine a better future for themselves.  They can learn by the mistakes of the past and hold onto the stories of people whose actions inspire them. They begin to understand what it means to be human and consider what are human successes and failures.


Living in the North East of England, a region with an amazing heritage, researching the past helps us to discover a sense of identity and community.  Moving beyond our own locality to investigate other cultures (e.g Egyptians and Maya) develops an understanding of the world in which we live and helps children to see the bigger picture. But, best of all, history in our school is challenging yet exciting, thought provoking and intriguing.