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Reading Festival 2016

Get lost in a book!

Each morning the school library opened early for adults and children to enjoy sharing books.

What the Dickens!

Rachel from BigFoot Arts Education helped us to learn about Victorian London, the life of Charles Dickens and explore some of the characters in Oliver Twist.

Dickensian Themed World Book Day-The Official Staff Photos

The Sadness of Miss Havisham

Heartbroken and sad, Miss Havisham invited us into her home "Satis House". Alone, in her wedding gown, the old lady told us how the man she was to marry let her down on her wedding day. She received his letter at twenty to nine in the morning as she was preparing to leave the house for the church. With heavy hearts we looked at the decaying wedding cake, the wedding shoe on the sideboard and her white, wrinkled skin. Miss Havisham begged Pip for forgiveness as she died after the house burnt down. He and the beautiful Estella met in the ruined grounds of "Satis House" and were never parted again. When we left Miss Havisham she was deep in thought.

Stories At Bedtime

Around seventy children returned to school in their pyjamas and onesies for stories at bedtime. Cookies and hot chocolate were enjoyed along with books like "The Tear Thief " by Carol Ann Duffy, "The Astounding Broccoli Boy" by Frank Cottrell Boyce and "The Ghost Hunter" by Ivan Jones.

Thank you Mr. Howe for organising such a wonderful day.

Mr. Howe took on the persona of the cruel headmaster Wackford Squeers from "Nicholas Nickleby". The week has been amazing so now Mr. Howe is scratching his head wondering how it can be even better next year. All ideas welcome!