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Tiny Chickens to Huge Athletes

The Chickens have Hatched!

We all waited with baited breath when the eggs were delivered, but just like the Duchess of Cambridge, nothing happened on hatching day. However, we are now proud foster mums and dads of nine gorgeous chickens. The Foundation Stage has never had so many visitors as we all ooh! and aaah! at the miracle of birth. The chicks are very sociable and love attention. We won't have them for long...just another week but while they are here we are all fascinated and protective of our little ones.


An Olympic Athlete is in the Building

At only 3cm short of 2 metres, Chris Tomlinson and his colleagues, also Chris, are working the children hard in the gym. Our jaws fell to the floor when we discovered how far he has jumped and we enjoyed hearing about his lifestyle as an athlete. 11 portions of fruit and vegetables a day with lots of protein to provide energy and keep good health was the answer to one of the questions about food. Can we make that it a SATs question....if an athlete eats 11 portions....

Thank you Chris and Chris-it was an inspirational afternoon.


And Talking of SATS...

Only 7 school days to go. Year 6 have been incredible-diligent and hard working. I know my maths group have even kept a sense of humour to get them through these few intense days. 


Spring Term Newsletter

Mr. Howe is putting the finishing touches to last term's news and should be with you in the next few days. Thank you to all our "journalists" reporting on events in our school.



The school community room is being used as a polling station but we will remain open. Business as usual.