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The First Week Of Summer


School Success

In the week before the half term holiday the school was assessed for the Primary Quality Mark by Mrs Dutton. She looked in depth at our teaching of English, maths and computering, spoke to parents, a governor, staff  and children and toured the school. She described her afternoon with us as "inspiring" having informed us that we have achieved the standards for the award. Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to present their points of view about our school. 


Welcome to....

Miss Jenny Hastings who started work today in the Foundation Stage Unit. Miss Hastings is our very first apprentice in training so we hope she finds her year with us a fulfilling experience.


Congratulations to....

Mrs Kaye out in scorching Dubai. Mrs Kaye will become head of year in her Dubai school in the new academic year so she has clearly had the same wonderful impact on her school as she made at Seaburn Dene.


Year 6 at Derwent Hill

Throughout the week before the half term holiday we enjoyed reading the blogs from the Yr 6 children who spent the week at Derwent Hill. The week was physically very challenging, beginning with a hill walk so everyone was exhausted by the time they returned home. We received many compliments about our children's exceptionally good behaviour and attitude too so well done to you all.


A special note to the Yr 6 children who stayed in school during the week. This exclusive group worked on a personal topic and helped staff too. Their behaviour and attitude was also excellent.


The Book Fair...

has arrived and will open this evening. Please see the information below, posted by Mrs Baker, for precise details.


Shakespeare Rocks

Drama Club will be presenting their lively, humorous musical production next Wednesday at 6.30pm. This week will be the first time we have all been able to rehearse together so there's a huge amount of work to do before we perform. We can do it!


Sports Day and Family Picnic

Next Thursday (11th) is our annual Sports Day and Family Picnic. We never seem to have a heatwave for our Sports Day but we push ahead unless the conditions are so slippery that it is dangerous. The long range forecast is 15 degrees and a possible shower.


The carousel activities will begin at 10.30am and the formal races in the afternoon. This year we have our very popular bouncy castle and bungee run at 50p a go. I know families (and staff) enjoy competing against each other in the bungee run so be prepared to be catapulted back to the starting block!


Sunscreen and Hats

Although the weather remains rather chilly and damp, at some point this half term we hope for and expect some Summer weather. Please be prepared for this by having a hat and sunscreen available for your child before a heatwave descends. I remember Sports Day two years ago when it was sunny but chilly. Several staff and lots of children were burnt to a crisp so, with this in mind, let's be prepared.