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Pupil Voice, Pupil Choice

What a week!


World Book Day was unprecedented success. The children looked amazing and the simplicity of the colours made for some wonderful images around school. More than 70 children returned to school for Stories At Bedtime. Thanks to all the staff for making that the fantastic addition to our WBD 20 celebrations. I have been inundated with entries in our Shelfie competition. I will let the children know the winner (by draw) in Monday's assembly and - of course - the winner of the class whose door is the most inspired book jacket (cover.)

To start our celebration of World Book Day week, we are two weeks into our #storytimeassembly. Talking to all children this week from Yr 6 down, they are united in their love of listening to stories. Whether this is in class, assembly or at home. This week, I chose three very different stories, with different themes: The Princess and the PEa by Hans Christian Anderson, Simon James' Dear Greenpeace and Pie Corbett's collection The Boy and the Tiger. Let me know which is your favourite story to read to your child. Always fascinated to hear.


Coronavirus Advice

Please see the letter on our letters page for the latest advice on hygiene and preventing the spread of infection. We are continually revising our advice, but have acted on the latest and of course continue to reinforce that message with the children.


Parent's Evening

We look forward to seeing you next week on Tuesday, 10th March and Thursday, 12th March from 3.45pm to 6.15pm. By appointment only. Often parents ask teachers how they can support their children at home. The support of parents in a child's education is vital. The more you read to them, play with them and talk with them the better they will do in school. This sounds simple and, of course, common sense but in our busy lives children are often spending too much time passively watching screens at the expense of spending quality time with their parents. Talking with our children is not given the status it deserves. Children who frequently verbally and positively interact with their parents develop better social skills and a much wider vocabulary. A wide vocabulary, known as their “academic register”, opens doors for children and allows them to access learning in a more confident way. A child who frequently engages with a parent in quality talk such as discussing a book they have read or a place they have visited will develop a much wider vocabulary than a child who lacks such parental interaction. So I suppose what I am saying is, before you rush out to buy study work books or employ tutors, consider how much time you are spending in quality conversation with your child.

On both nights, there will be feedback sheets to let us know how you think your children are doing at school.


School Funding

You will have possibly heard continued reports on the national news concerning school funding recently. The Seaburn Dene budget does present huge challenges to the governing body and every year we aim to set a budget where our staffing structure can be maintained and where resources can be bought to enable the school to run effectively. Every year this gets more difficult. Certainly without support of The Friends fundraising and your support of such events, we would be a much poorer school and the children would not get to enjoy the added extras and, in some cases, essentials which we believe are so important. The Friends are currently looking for further fundraising ideas/ventures in school. All welcome.


Pupil Premium School Funding

School can claim addition funding to assist pupils if they are adopted or if their parents currently serve in the armed forces. If this applies to your child and you think school is unaware of it we would appreciate it if parents would contact the school office. We understand that this information is sensitive but please be reassured, the conversation will be completely confidential.

School can also claim pupil premium funding and free school meals for families on a low income. Details of who can claim can be found on the link below: This is not the same as the Universal Free School Meals that children in reception to year 2 are automatically entitled to.


Pupil Voice

We believe, at Seaburn Dene, that is vital children  have a say in our school and everything that happens within it. After some thought, we have added some new groups to engage children in issues that affect either or school or the community around us. I am running a Community Ambassadors programme for children from Yr 3 to 5. To get the ball rolling, the children joined a meeting with the Inn Collection on their plans to involve us in the Seaburn Inn development on the sea front. The children also want to carry out some litter picking, with plans to help tidy up Cut Throat Dene with the Friends of Fulwell later this month and design a new play area, off Dykelands Road, Mr Ashton held his first Woodland Trust Club meeting this week to work on eco issues around school, while Mrs Wilson also launched her lunchtime Science Club too. Later this month, there is training for our new Peer Mentors to carry out their #bekind campaign in school, while our Sports Leaders have been busy across all our break times.