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Online Safety

This week  the Southwick Community Policing Team talked to children in Years 2 and 3 about internet safety. There has been a significant rise in incidents in our area so they had some very serious messages which I will summarise for parents. 

  1. Ensure privacy settings are working on all social media sites and games consoles.
  2. They should accept friends who they know in real life only. Parents should go through their list of friends with children and delete everyone they don't actually know.
  3. The following sites present particular issues in relation to safety so you should not allow your child to use them:
    1. UBU
    3. Meetme
    4. Yellow
    6. Twitch
    7. Blue Whale


We are arranging for the police to work with Years 4, 5 & 6 before the end of the school year but ultimately the responsibility lies with parents. The best way forward is to look at what your child is accessing with your child and have a conversation.