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Domestic Abuse + Testing of National Emergency Alert System

Dear Parent/Carer,

You may be aware that the UK Government is set to test a new emergency siren on phones and mobile devices across the UK on Sunday 23 April from 3 to 4pm.

Any 4G and above enabled mobile device will be capable of receiving the Emergency Alert. This includes mobiles and mobile devices such as tablet PCs that are connected to the mobile cell network via a 4G or above SIM card.

The siren will flash up on devices with a warning message, as a nationwide test of the new system is carried out. We understand that people will be required to acknowledge the Emergency Alert in order to dismiss it, that the phone or mobile device will make an audible noise and will vibrate even if on silent. The device will continue to make an alert noise until the alert is actively dismissed.

We are aware that this could cause concern, and potentially exacerbate domestic abuse, where an individual may have a hidden phone or data based tablet that their abuser is not aware of. An abuser may be alerted to a hidden device by the emergency alert system.

We understand that alerts will not be received where a phone or mobile device is:

turned off;
in airplane mode;
connected to 2G or 3G (as opposed to 4G or 5G); or
connected to wi-fi only during the period of the alert.
This useful link from Woman’s aid gives more information and explains how to disable alerts on I Phones and Androids.

Further information about the upcoming test message for the Emergency Alert nationwide test message is hosted on the website