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Weekly Round-Up - 23.01.23

Big School Bird Watch

Sign up to the RSPB Big Garden Bird watch 2023 (between the 27th & 29th January) and we would like as many families to participate as possible.
We have put together a PDF with all the links you will need to get started, including identification sheets, making and crafting, feeding and much, much more.
All you have to do is click and register.
Please help our community in getting involved in supporting your child’s learning in ‘citizen science’ skills, and continue to help us drive science learning forward, within Seaburn Dene.
Share what you are doing and discovering via Dojo Portfolios.
All budding scientists have to start somewhere and every little helps.



Some of our values certificates from Friday. This week in our whole school assemblies, we have been talking about GRIT and the power of not giving up. I did this through showing a time lapse film of a baby learning to walk. All our children could see just how many attempts, failures and eventual success, the child - being filmed - have. This takes us back to GRIT - the ability to keep going, keep trying when things are hard and you keep failing. As we say in school, it's not "I can't", it's "I can't yet."



The school council are looking for ideas from you for fundraising activities.
Our vision is to make a positive impact on the school environment and the well being of children across the school.
We would very much appreciate any suggestions you have for fundraising activities.
If you have any suitable suggestions, please contact Mr Smith via Class Dojo or send a written suggestion into school for your child to place into the pupil voice box in their classroom.
We will be discussing all suggestions from children and adults in our next meeting on 2nd February 2023.
Thank you for your support
The School Council