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The Great Outdoors!

The End of Fidget Spinners at SDPS

It's a fantastic marketing ploy and I wish I'd thought of it! Selling millions, this latest craze is promoted as a gadget that aids children's concentration but we've discovered it's quite the opposite. Fidget Spinners are proving to be a serious distraction away from  learning so, like all toys, we ask for them to be left at home. Thank you to parents for complying with our request. We have identified children who require fidget gadgets and provide for these through the school budget. Fidget Spinners are not one of the products we use.


The Year 6 SATs are over so we can all get back to business as normal. Congratulations to our Year 6 for their superb attitude and focus last week-we are proud of their efforts.


Last week our fabulous Yr 5 rugby team returned to school with a sparkling trophy, having won the cluster championship for the second year. With 32 tries and 4 wins this team remain unbeaten and their points have contributed to SDPS climbing up the school sports cluster rankings.


Whatever the weather, we have a raft of outdoor activities planned for the next two weeks. It's looking dark and dismal today but there's always tomorrow! 



This week Year 5 take their Bikeability course. It's a week long teaching and testing programme that'll demonstrate to children the skills they need to be safe on the road. With an increasing number of cycle tracks and wonderful scenery in the North East, there's no better family day out than a bike ride with a picnic stop to refuel. All we need is dry weather (but a little warm sun would be good too). Mrs Houston has sent out all the information parents need about the Bikeability course. It's the right time to emphasise to children (and adults) the importance of wearing a helmet to protect against head and brain injuries. 


Global Outdoor Classroom Day is on Thursday so staff are planning wonderful, inspiring activities for the day. Gillian is even preparing an outdoor lunch-burger in a bun, corn on the cob and fries with a biscuit for desert. Individual teachers will inform parents if special clothing e.g wellies are required.


WE Wonder Walk-is on Friday. Everyone is welcome to join us. Robbie, the Bark and Read dog will  be leading and Mr McNally providing conga music as we head back into the school playground. The walk is £1 per participant, has been created and organised by our Year 6 team with money being divided between the British Heart Foundation and WE Kenya project.


Derwent Hill Residential Week for Year 6 is taking place on the last week of the half term with Mr. Traves and Mrs Smith accompanying the group. This is always a very popular week where children learn how to work as a team, overcome obstacles and enjoy social time.


And in school...

Dance City are leading dance workshops for Years 1 to 4 on Tuesday and there is a Reading Awards assembly on Friday 19th May for Years 4, 5 & 6.



Last week a postcard with a potted pansy landed on my desk advertising a website and workshops called Relax Kids. I've taken a look at their website to discover a lovely introductory programme for families to aid sleep, relaxation, positivity and happiness. It helps children to manage worries and anxieties so, t a time when mental health and well being in schools is being highlighted, this seems like a really interesting opportunity. I am investigating future possibilities and opportunities for our families. Meanwhile, there's a free 21 day  parent activity pack for you to access by clicking here. The music alone is very relaxing so why not have a go yourself..then let me know how it feels for your family.