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Half Term Roundup

As I look out of the office window this morning the skies are dark, gardens gloomy and children hardly visible on the playground (although I can certainly hear them at play). However, whilst it looks stormy outside, it is all excitement and activity inside our lovely warm school.


On Thursday last week,Key Stage 2 led the harvest assembly with gusto. Thanks you to everyone for sending in food for the Foodbank-it is very much appreciated by those that need it.


On Friday last week, Years 5 and 6 worked with outreach workers from Opera North to develop their understanding of the French opera they will see in November. Two hour workshops, including movement, chanting, singing and listening to the story, were enjoyed by the two classes. 


Also on Friday the school football team beat the reigning champions Townend 3-0. Congratulations to the team which maintains it's unbeaten record. Already Mr Traves has announced that he will be leading the campaign to be the new champions of 2018 so has extended Friday football sessions to ensure that all the team's skills are top notch.

Also last week, Year 6 athletes came a very respectable second in their competitions so will be moving forward into the next round. Let's hope they have wings attached to their trainers!


The Eagles Have Landed! 

Today Years 5 and 6 are working with the new Eagles basketball team as they prepare for the Sunderland tournaments.  I understand that there are lots of changes on the Eagles team but our favourite player Drew and head coach  Fab Flournoy will be leading the Hoops4Health tournament.   Mr Traves, always expecting the best out his teams, has already been working with individuals during lunchtime in preparation for this. He certainly works them hard-they're always flushed and thirsty when I see them staggering back to class. I am certain that all this hard work will result in a successful season.


Monkwearmouth CSI Project

On Wednesday this week, Year 6 will be involved in a CSI type of investigation at Monkwearmouth Academy. This is the first day of the the children's transition into secondary education.


Don't forget that Friday 20th October is a training day so only staff are in school. We will be redesigning the Sex and Relationship/Personal Health and Social Education curriculum. Please note that because the new resources are not yet in school, the parent workshops have been postponed until Monday 20th November.

We return to school on Monday 30th October (and before we know it it'll be Christmas!)


New in November: 

Alex Rowland, a contemporary dancer from Dance City will be working in school on Wednesday afternoons. During next half term he will teach Year 4 dance then, after school, hold an hour's dance class. Invitations to this prestigious class will be sent out next week then, depending on take up, we'll be opening the sessions up to other aspiring performers in the school.