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End of Term News

The End of Term Is Nigh!

With only three days to go we are all looking forward to the promise of rest and relaxation during the Easter break. Thank you to all our families for supporting our numerous events-it's been a case of how much can you squeeze into 4 weeks, but we did it and are buoyed up by our successes. School reopens on Monday 11th April and straight away Year 5 are off the starting blocks with their Bikeability training and assessment. Bikes essential!


The Friends of Seaburn Dene Easter Egg Hunt (and other Celebrations)

Last week the Easter Chocolate Tombola afternoon made a magnificent £450. The Friends are running an Easter Egg hunt tomorrow, completely free of charge. Every child will have an egg to win...look high and low everyone. What a lovely traditional activity and thank you friends for organising this.


Tomorrow afternoon we will be holding the annual Easter assembly which will be led by Reverend Child. It's always important, when we are feverish with chocolate excitement, to think about the origins of Easter and the symbolism that goes along with it.


Year 6 Led us to Victory!

At Friday's performance Drop-In, Year 6 used the Battle of Harfleur speech from Henry V to rally the England rugby team into battle against the French. Clearly it did the trick! Here's Angel's rousing speech:


Once more unto the pitch lads, once more;

Thirteen years of sorrow and misery ends TODAY!

We have tasted victory once in 2003, we can certainly taste it again.


Act like a lion; think like a lion; BECOME A LION.

Do it for yourself, your families ; and do it for your country, ENGLAND!

As soon as the blast of the whistle hits your ears, tackle the first man down like an egg shell....

It's time to get a waft of the sweet, sweet aroma VICTORY!

Millions of fans cheering us on, years of practising and look where we've come-the final of the Grand Slam! NO PAIN, NO GAIN! There MAYBE sweat and blood-WHO CARES!

No matter what, never give up and have resilience.

Cry God for Queen Elizabeth, England and VICTORY!


Congratulations Gabriel

On Friday, at the very lively and exciting drop-in, we announced the winner of the Vanilla Van Ghost illustration competition. Author and Poet, Ivan Jones and his wife Mal Lewis Jones struggled to select a winner as the quality of entry was simply marvellous. They selected one or two winners from each year group then Gabriel from Year 3 as the overall winner. Here are some extracts from Ivan's message to the school:


Dear Miss Purdy,

Thank you so much for sending all the lovely pictures of Vanilla Van Ghost! I do hope the children enjoyed the poems as much as we enjoyed their pictures! The were all amazing in their own way and I do thank every person who did a drawing for their enthusiasm and time.


I'm sending a few books for the school though maybe Young Spooky could be given to the overall winner? (I'll leave that to you). There are other Zot the Dog books but these were the ones I first published in 1982 and the drawings were done by an artist (now well known) friend of mine.


Thank you all again-Miss Purdy, teachers (of course!) and lovely children.


Love to you all,


Ivan and Mal