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Dear Parents

Dear Parents-we need your help and support.


Misuse of Technology at Home


It's a fact that technology, whether it's computers, ipads, playstations or phones, play a major part in or lives and especially that of our children. Technology can be a wonderful tool but it certainly has a dark side too. When parents express concerns that children are perhaps not using them as they should, they tend to alert school so that we can help out. We are happy to do so but it can take us away from our core business of teaching and learning for many hours to unravel these issues.


It is essential, in the first instance, for parents to become computer literate themselves so that they know age appropriate apps and sites and how to put in controls. Much of this advice can be found online. The legal age to join Facebook is 13 years old so please be aware of this and act accordingly.


Whilst we all appreciate the power of peer pressure, if parents are uneasy with  their child is using technology, they must be strong enough to remove that technology e.g phone, either temporarily or until the child is older and wiser.


Following recent conversations, we are planning to hold another session for parents to help them to put in controls. Meanwhile you may find the following pages useful:   CEOPS provides wonderful advice to parents so please sign in to read their parent section. Internet Matters gives clear guidance about putting in parental controls. The NSPCC also have useful advice and filmclips about putting in controls and what your child can do online.