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Claim your Lost Property!


As I am sure a lot of parents are aware, we have acquired a lot of school uniform over the year that has not been claimed, as well as a few items from Drama Club that, again, have remained unclaimed. Staff always check for names on labels and where a name is identified it is returned. Can we please ask all parents to CLEARLY PRINT your child’s name on, or buy uniform labels, for all school uniform, including coats and shoes. It would be helpful if you could put your child’s first name and initial of surname on rather than just their initials. Permanent marker pens only cost a couple of pounds and will last for a few years.  We will be setting up tables in the big yard on Friday afternoon from 3pm onwards with all unmarked uniform for parents to go through.  It would be great if we could reunite all uniform to its rightful owner! All clothing not claimed will be recycled at the end of term.