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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


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It's great to see everyone back in school. Mr Traves and Mr Smith are looking forward to a productive, exciting academic year!


Autumn Term Topics


Our history and geography topic is "Conflict", and for the first half-term we will be studying a wide range of  aspects related to World War Two . These will range from evacuation, propaganda posters and the role of women.


In science, we will kick-off with "Animals including Humans", where we will begin by studying various animal classifications and the kingdoms they reside within.  To give the children a fantastic start to the topic, we will be taking a trip to the Life Science Centre to see Gunther von Hagens' unforgettable exhibition: "Animal Inside Out".




We expect all our children to read every evening and at weekends. In Year 6, 20 minutes should be a minimum but, if your child can't put their book down because they are so engrossed, that's the magic of reading.  Please ensure you sign the reading log to confirm this reading is taking place.


We will be continuing with our fantastic Rainbow Reading scheme - children will receive a certificate in assembly each time they complete a bookmark.

Our class novel this term is "Goodnight Mister Tom" by Michelle Magorian


We expect all our children to read every evening and at weekends. In Year 6, 20 minutes should be a minimum but, if your child can't put their book down because they are so engrossed that's the magic of reading.  Please ensure you sign the reading logs to confirm this reading is taking place.

After much deliberation, here is my list of must-read books for Year 6 children:


1. War Horse - Michael Morpurgo - Joey is a young farm horse, sold to the army at the beginning of the First World War. Through his eyes the reader experiences the devastation of the Western Front, his capture by the Germans and his entrapment in No Man's Land.

2. The Witches- Roald Dahl - Real witches disguise themselves as lovely ladies, when secretly they want to squish and squelch all the wretched children they despise.

3. Matilda – Roald Dahl - This modern fairy-tale with a brilliantly inspiring young heroine is one of Roald Dahl's best loved stories.

4. The Secret Garden – Frances Hodgson Burnett - Recently arrived at her uncle's estate; orphaned Mary Lennox is spoiled, sickly, and certain she won't enjoy living there. Then she discovers the arched doorway into an overgrown garden, shut up since the death of her aunt ten years earlier.

5. Watership Down – Richard Adams  - Young rabbit Fiver is convinced that a great evil is about to befall the warren where he lives - but no one will listen to him.

6. The Arrival – Shaun Tan – In this fantastically illustrated book, we follow a young man as he packs his bags and leaves his family to go and start a new life in another country. We experience his journey, his struggles to communicate, find accommodation, a job and food.

7. Oliver Twist – Charles Dickens - The story of the orphan Oliver, who runs away from the workhouse only to be taken in by a den of thieves.

8. Skellig – David Almond - Exploring a ramshackle garage with his new-found friend, Mina, Michael discovers a strange, magical creature.

9. Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson - Pirates- a treasure map- a lonely island - and young Jim Hawkins in the thick of it all!

10. Goodnight Mister Tom - Michelle Magorian - Willie Beech, a lonely and deprived child, is evacuated to a tiny English village just before the Second World War and finds himself living with reclusive widower Thomas Oakley.


The table below shows the dates children will be tested on each of the spelling lists in Year 6. The test will include ten of the fifteen spellings from that week’s list and ten words from lists previously tested.

Children will receive their spelling list on a Friday and be tested on that list (and previous spellings) the following Thursday.


Autumn 1


Spelling List Date received Date tested

Revision of Year 5 spelling lists 19-20

Fri 23/9/16

Fri 30/9/16

1. hyphen prefixes

Fri 30/9/16

Fri 7/10/16

2. hyphen homophones

Fri 7/10/16

Fri 14/10/16

3. hyphen compounds

Fri 14/10/16

Wed 19/10/16

4. unstressed vowels Wed 19/10/16 Wed 2/11/16 (after half-term holiday)

Autumn 2

  Date received (Wednesday) Date tested (Wednesday)

4. unstressed vowels



5. unstressed vowels (2)



6. unstressed consonants



7. prefix    uni-    bi-    tri-



8. prefix    circ-    tele-       trans-



9. prefix   min-   mega-     mult- 



10. Latin roots 7/12/16 14/12/16