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Year 3

Feeling safe and Managing Risk


In Year 3 we have been looking about where we feel safe in school, what is risk and how we can manage risks. As part of this learning we all wrote our own risk assessments for our trip to the Great North Museum. We then pooled ideas to write a whole class one. Below is our finished product. 

Our Class Risk Assessment for our school Trip

This terms Egyptian's Homework one task to be completed each week. Handed in on a Friday

Zoe's and Eve's Art Club sign

Zoe's and Eve's Art Club sign 1

Friendship through Art


Zoe Roper and Eve Sproat are setting up a club at break times and lunch times at our school friendship bench. They are creating a drawing club to support people who have no one to play with or are just a little sad. Each day they will show children who want to get involved how to draw something new everyday.


The girls have shown great kindness and initiative.


Well done girls!

Poetry Class Entrants


After some really stiff competition in class, two pairs of performers have been chosen to perform Silver by Walter de la Mare, in the school poetry competition. They will be trying their best to get their hands and names on the Ivan Jones poetry trophy and the glory for Year 3.


The poetry performers are:

Isabelle Metcalf and Ruby Jones

Zoe Roper and George Smith


Good luck from year 3

Pen License's in Year 3

Since returning to year 3 the children have been trying their utmost (best) to be awarded one of the much coveted(wanted) pen license certificates. This certificate earns them the right to use a pen in all lessons (except maths) and a brand new shiny handwriting pen, filled with so many wonderful unwritten words and delightfully imaginative ideas.


This week I am proud to say:






All received their licenses and pens. Well Done.


And Year 3's Winners Are.....

Choosing the Year 3 entrants for the project final was incredibly tough. So challenging in fact, I had to recruit my family and friends to whittle it down to just 3, as the quality and effort was so good.


Our chosen projects to be sent to Miss Purdy for further judging were: Zoe Roper, Skye Guthrie and Alex Hitchens. Zoe we loved your  for ingenious idea of creating a new outfit for Sophie from leaves. Skye we loved the level of detail you had put into your sketches. Alex we loved your samples and scientific language. 


Well done everybody who took part a very proud and excited teacher.


Miss Bliss

Sophie's Snail Summer Project

Sophie's Snail Summer Project 1 Zoe Roper Winner 1
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 2 Skye Guthrie Winner 2
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 3 Alex Hitchens Winner 3
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 4 Alex Smith- a designer snail
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 5 Isabelle Metcalf- a power point created by herself
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 6 Daniel Bates- an invention to trap snails
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 7 Gabriel Cambrook- textured snail pictures
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 8 Charlotte Noble - a snail disco
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 9 Jake Brown- books by Dick King Smith
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 10 Ruby Jones - a beautiful collage
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 11 Alexander Lawson- snail creations
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 12 Rihanna Henderson- a glittery collage
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 13 Alexander Pavlou- holiday snaps
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 14 Eve Sproats- Snail shell design
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 15
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 16
Sophie's Snail Summer Project 17

Autumn Newsletter

Welcome Back Year 3

Holiday Scrapbook Challenge Ideas Year 3 Sophie's Snail

Maths Homework to be completed by 19/07/17

Homework of the week, week 2

Homework of the week, week 2 1
Homework of the week, week 2 2
Homework of the week, week 2 3
Homework of the week, week 2 4
Homework of the week, week 2 5
Homework of the week, week 2 6

Homework - Literacy choose off the grid another task, maths shape based and uploaded below

Homework of the week

Homework of the week 1
Homework of the week 2
Homework of the week 3
Homework of the week 4
Homework of the week 5
Homework of the week 6
Homework of the week 7
Homework of the week 8
Homework of the week 9
Homework of the week 10
Homework of the week 11
Homework of the week 12

Homework for week commencing 30.06.17 To be completed 07/07/17

Welcome to the new Year 3's and their friends and families I look forward to meeting and working with you all this year.

Miss Bliss

Videos from the audio plagued assembly will be uploaded in due course
Year 3 are working very hard on our assembly about the General Election. We cant wait to see you at 2:45pm on Monday 12th June 

Dental Science Talk 12th June

Coast School details

Cool Cat by Mike Jubb

In Literacy year 3 are examining performance poetry. We really like using informal language and very much enjoyed listening to and pulling apart the features of this poem. Year 3 wanted to share this poem with you. Can you imagine the cat strutting down the street like we did? Can you think why he now has 8 not 9?

Three Times Table Song (Cover of Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars)

Have fun learning the 3's while singing along to your favorite song! Year 3 have really enjoyed this video

Learn your 9 times table fast using your fingers!

You don't want to have to recite the whole 9 times table to get to the right answer. Know the answer instantly by using your fingers! This is the easiest and quickest 9 times table trick ever! We have been using in Year 3, this video shows you how to do it. WE DIDN'T DIP OUR FINGERS IN INK WE BENT THE FINGERS DOWN.

Even more Egyptian homework

Even more Egyptian homework 1 Alex Cavanahs Egyptian tic tac toe
Even more Egyptian homework 2 Zac's 3D mummy and coffin
Even more Egyptian homework 3 Alfie's Egyptian house
Even more Egyptian homework 4 Lola's God information sheet
Even more Egyptian homework 5 Theo's salt dough Egyptian house
Even more Egyptian homework 6 Ellis and his Pharoah death mask

Egyptian Homework Gallery.

Egyptian Homework Gallery. 1 Tom's Egyptian Mummy
Egyptian Homework Gallery. 2 Zac's 3D coffin
Egyptian Homework Gallery. 3 Alfie's Egyptian house
Egyptian Homework Gallery. 4 Sam's Egyptian house
Egyptian Homework Gallery. 5 Jayden's name in hieroglyphics
Egyptian Homework Gallery. 6 Leyla's death mask
Egyptian Homework Gallery. 7 Ellis and his sarcophagus
Egyptian Homework Gallery. 8 Sam's mummy casket
Egyptian Homework Gallery. 9 Jayden's death mask
Egyptian Homework Gallery. 10 Alex and his Egyptian Tic Tac Toe
Egyptian Homework Gallery. 11 Daisy and her mummy game with her mummy dice
Egyptian Homework Gallery. 12 Alfie's mummy
Egyptian Homework Gallery. 13 Lola's practical instruction on how to mummify
Egyptian Homework Gallery. 14 Our wonderful Shadufs
Egyptian Homework Gallery. 15 Liam's hieroglyphics
Egyptian Homework Gallery. 16 Theo's hieroglyphics

Spring Newsletter

Our Musical Growth Mindset in Action

Still image for this video
Rock School came to visit Year 3 with the aim of teaching us how to play the Ukulele in an hour. We thought it couldn't be done at first. However, we applied our Seaburn Dene Growth Mindset and view our video for the results.....

Anglo Saxon homework

Anglo Saxon homework 1
Anglo Saxon homework 2
Anglo Saxon homework 3
Anglo Saxon homework 4
Anglo Saxon homework 5 Leyla's Sutton Anglo Saxon helmet
Anglo Saxon homework 6
Anglo Saxon homework 7
Anglo Saxon homework 8
Anglo Saxon homework 9
Anglo Saxon homework 10 Theo's Sutton Hoo helmet
Anglo Saxon homework 11
Anglo Saxon homework 12 Jayden's Anglo Saxon coin
Anglo Saxon homework 13 Zac's Anglo Saxon warrior
Anglo Saxon homework 14 Nathan's Anglo Saxon warrior
Anglo Saxon homework 15 Alex C's Anglo Saxon warrior
Anglo Saxon homework 16 Lola's wanted poster

Year 3'S 7 Times Table Song

Some members of year 3 are learning our tricky seven times table and are using this song to help us remember. WARNING This song is catchy!

Spelling game ideas and sheets to help improve your spelling score.

Year 3 Homework sheet and resources. Please choose one activity a week in addition to Maths homework sent home.

Oh no there is a car on the loose in our playground.

Still image for this video
Year 3 and 4 were visited by Karen and Martin from Nissan as part of our Trade and Transport Topic, Transport of the Future. They taught us some words from Japan, talked to us about the history of Nissan (which means Nis (2) san(3). They also let us have a go in an all electric car, the leaf. LOOK AT OUT CLASS GALLERY TO SEE HOW WE ALL FITTED IN IT.

Year 3 Anti Bullying Movie Trailer

Still image for this video
This year Year 3'S Assembly was about Anti Bullying. The theme for Anti Bulling week was ' The Power of Good', helping others who are bullied when we spot in not standing by. We created this film trailer to advertise this theme and encourage people to use their power of good.

Autumn Newsletter

Homework of the Week

Homework of the Week 1 Well Done Sam Lawson 13/07/16
Homework of the Week 2 Well done Jayden Henderson 06/07/16
Homework of the Week 3 Well done Alex Cavanagh 29/06/16

Welcome to the new Year 3's

Welcome to the former Year 2's, you are now on your journey to beginning  year 3 officially in September. I look forward to meeting you and learning all about you and what you want to learn. See you Monday.

Miss Bliss


Welcome to Year 3!

Summer Term Topic

We're embarking on an exciting journey into the world of steam train travel! After a jam-packed trip to Beamish Museum we will be tracking the development of the UK's train network, investigating the work of George Hudson.



We expect all our children to read every evening and at weekends. In Year 3, 15 minutes should be a minimum but, if your child can't put their book down because they are so engrossed, that's the magic of reading.  Please ensure you sign the reading logs to confirm this reading is taking place.


Check out some of these fantastic books!

1. The Borrowers – Mary Norton

2. The Demon Headmaster – Gillian Cross

3. The Wind in the Willows – Kenneth Grahame

4. How to Train Your Dragon – Cressida Cowell

5. Stig of the Dump – Clive King

6. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – L. Frank Baum

7. The Hobbit – J.R.R. Tolkien

8. Flat Stanley - Jeff Brown, Scott Nash, Macky Pamintuan

9. Bamba Beach – Pratima Mitchell

10. Matilda – Roald Dahl



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Summer Newsletter

The following table  shows the dates children will be tested on each of the spelling lists in Year 3. The test will include ten spellings from that week’s list and ten words from lists previously tested.

Children will receive their spelling list each Wednesday and be tested the following Wednesday.

Spelling List

Date Tested


Summer Term

1 and 2


3 and 4

28.04.2016 - NB: Thursday test due to Beamish Trip

5 and 6


7 and 8


9 and 10


11 and 12



All children in Year 3 have now received a login and password for Sumdog. Sumdog allows children to practise numeracy methods learnt in class at home and also challenge themselves with some tougher problems.