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Year 3

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Spellings for the next 6 weeks

Maths Homework due in 23.1.19

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A new letter with a slip is being sent out, please do not worry if you have already sent the slip in, this slip will still count.


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Maths Word Problem Help for All Problems.

Spring Newsletter

Spellings for this half term- Spring 1

Year 3 division homework help

Two division strategies we use for division in year three is shown here. Hope it helps.


The song we will be using in our upcoming assembly. Practise please year 3. It is your homework.

In year 3 we have been looking at the Pages of the Sea project remembering the 100 years that have passed, the lives that were and are affected by the First World War and the wars that have happened since. We sat, looked at images and shared how soldiers going to war may have felt. We were all moved to think how we would feel sending people off to war, so we wrote a poem. It is  made up of what we each would say when saying goodbye maybe for the last time...

Remembrance wishes from a child

Before you go I want to say

Come back safe, don’t go

I want to say before you go

Don’t be scared, be strong

Before you go I want to say

I’m sorry you have to go, I love you

I want to say before you go

Believe in yourself, I believe in you

Before you go I want to say

Good luck, take care

I want to say before you go

Goodbye, I hope you come back alright

Before you go I want to say

Stay safe, don’t get injured

I want to say before you go

Get the enemy for me, try your hardest for us

Before you go I want to say

Be brave, I hope you’ll be ok

I want to say before you go

Don’t forget we love you, we are grateful

Before you go I want to say

Be careful, do you really have to go?

I want to say before you go

Don’t be afraid, I am scared too…..


By Year 3 Seaburn Dene Primary

Inspired by the Pages of the Sea Gallery

Spellings up until Christmas

Homework for this half term and next half term.

We cannot wait to learn more about pre history ....


The most interesting fact for Miss Bliss from the trip:

Did you know Admiral Nelson fought a polar bear, at the age of 15 and won? Wow! Year 3 were impressed by that too.

Our Winter Gardens Trip about Admiral Nelson

Today we went as a class on a trip to The Winter Gardens in Sunderland. We found out that they had a painting of Admiral Nelson. We found out that he had a ship called HMS Victory. He lost an arm and an eye and got shot near the heart he had massive blood loss and that's how he died. We sketched Nelson it was awesome. The most interesting fact for me was that he died 213 years ago at the Battle of Trafalgar. Did you know that Trafalgar Square was named after this Battle? We also went on a treasure hunt where we won a gross big rat it was awesome.

By Jack

Welcome to the New Year 3's!

Spelling game ideas and sheets to help improve your spelling score.

Welcome to the new Year 3's

Welcome to the former Year 2's, you are now on your journey to beginning  year 3 officially in September. I look forward to meeting you and learning all about you and what you want to learn. See you Monday.

Miss Bliss