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The Chicks have arrived!

The Chicks have arrived! 1 Delivered today
The Chicks have arrived! 2 listening
The Chicks have arrived! 3 Great anticipation
The Chicks have arrived! 4 Closely watching
The Chicks have arrived! 5 Starting to hatch...
The Chicks have arrived! 6 First one hatching
The Chicks have arrived! 7 Oh, it's hatched!
The Chicks have arrived! 8 Number one
The Chicks have arrived! 9 Keep watching
The Chicks have arrived! 10 Draw them
The Chicks have arrived! 11 Ask questions
The Chicks have arrived! 12 Time to love them
The Chicks have arrived! 13
The Chicks have arrived! 14
The Chicks have arrived! 15
The Chicks have arrived! 16
The Chicks have arrived! 17 Everyone joins in...
The Chicks have arrived! 18 Even the older girls!

Chick care

Still image for this video

World Book Day 2019...What a Super Day!

All things Gruffalo

The children have been learning all about our 'wonderful world'. 

We used the Gruffalo story as a starting point and developed a range of learning opportunities: 

  • Sing and dancing to the Gruffalo song
  • Learning the story by heart and retelling, using props 
  • Drawing and painting pictures of themselves, skeletons and the Gruffalo
  • Making and serving in the Gruffalo Cafe
  • Painting and eating 'Magic Gruffalo toast'
  • Investigating rubbish and changes in our world

and so much more...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18

Christmas Party Time!

Christmas Party Time!  1 It's Christmas!
Christmas Party Time!  2 Clap your hands...
Christmas Party Time!  3 Have a little dance
Christmas Party Time!  4 Pass the Parcel
Christmas Party Time!  5 What is in this parcel?
Christmas Party Time!  6 Mmm!
Christmas Party Time!  7 Mmm!

All things Christmas

All things Christmas  1
All things Christmas  2
All things Christmas  3
All things Christmas  4
All things Christmas  5
All things Christmas  6
All things Christmas  7
All things Christmas  8
All things Christmas  9
All things Christmas  10
All things Christmas  11
All things Christmas  12
All things Christmas  13
All things Christmas  14
All things Christmas  15

Reading in the Library

Reading in the Library  1
Reading in the Library  2
Reading in the Library  3

Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch  1 Party Hat slips!
Christmas Lunch  2 Mmm!
Christmas Lunch  3 Smashing time!
Christmas Lunch  4 Everyone together
Christmas Lunch  5 After lunch dance...
Christmas Lunch  6 then a little rest.
After our Christmas lunch the children borrowed my camera...

Children being photographers

Children being photographers  1 Whoops try again!
Children being photographers  2 Oh, I chopped you off.
Children being photographers  3 Nearly there.
Children being photographers  4 Yeah!

It's okay to be different... by Todd Parr

We remembered...

We remembered... 1 Making Poppies
We remembered... 2 Learning about loss
We remembered... 3 Making a Poppy Garden
We remembered... 4 Wearing our Poppies with Pride.

Teddy Bear Stories 

At nursery we have been learning a few special stories: 

  • Peace At Last
  • Going on a Bear Hunt
  • Where is My Teddy

We have learned stories by heart, as well as, sharing books, going on a bear hunt and using story props.

Our 'Teddies' came to school for a holiday - this is what they did: 

  • played Hide and Seek
  • had their portraits painted 
  • helped us do writing and counting 
  • had lots of flavoured toast
  • they even drove a car! 

We became engineers and made a car using our important words - chassis; axle and body. 


Teddy Bear Learning Story

Teddy Bear Learning Story 1
Teddy Bear Learning Story 2
Teddy Bear Learning Story 3
Teddy Bear Learning Story 4
Teddy Bear Learning Story 5
Teddy Bear Learning Story 6
Teddy Bear Learning Story 7
Teddy Bear Learning Story 8
Teddy Bear Learning Story 9
Teddy Bear Learning Story 10
Teddy Bear Learning Story 11
Teddy Bear Learning Story 12
Teddy Bear Learning Story 13
Teddy Bear Learning Story 14
Teddy Bear Learning Story 15
Teddy Bear Learning Story 16
Teddy Bear Learning Story 17
Teddy Bear Learning Story 18
Teddy Bear Learning Story 19
Teddy Bear Learning Story 20
Teddy Bear Learning Story 21
Teddy Bear Learning Story 22
Teddy Bear Learning Story 23
Teddy Bear Learning Story 24

What a Windy Day!

What a Windy Day! 1 It's windy.
What a Windy Day! 2 Whee!
What a Windy Day! 3 Wait for the gust of wind!
What a Windy Day! 4 Mine is really high.

Learning at Nursery

What a busy time!smiley

PC Dean came to visit

PC Dean came to visit 1 He took our finger prints.
PC Dean came to visit 2 investigating prints
PC Dean came to visit 3 making emergency service people
PC Dean came to visit 4 checking finger prints
PC Dean came to visit 5 taking your details
PC Dean came to visit 6 Observational paints!
PC Dean came to visit 7 using our very important note books

The Aliens have landed...

and they are stealing our underpants!  


Aliens love underpants

Aliens love underpants 1 Cutting and making masks
Aliens love underpants 2 Making Aliens
Aliens love underpants 3 Designing pants
Aliens love underpants 4 Making Aliens
Aliens love underpants 5 Cutting out pants!
Aliens love underpants 6 Story telling
Aliens love underpants 7 Aliens working together
Aliens love underpants 8 More pants!
Aliens love underpants 9 Hiding in the rocket
Aliens love underpants 10 Sequencing stories
Aliens love underpants 11 Working together
Aliens love underpants 12 Rocket jigsaw
Aliens love underpants 13 Designing an Alien
Aliens love underpants 14 Searching for Underpants!