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Year 1

News Flash!!!!!!!!

Check out this section of the Year One page for the most recent information!

Welcome to Year 1!


The children are very excited to be moving into Year 1. So far I have spent time getting to know them individually in the Reception classroom, joining in with activities and games and watching them work. My focus for this week is to learn their current routines so that the transition into the Year 1 classroom will be as smooth as possible. We've shared some stories and had a maths lesson on doubling using a funky rap. The children have asked me to add it to the website so they can listen to it at home.


I look forward to meeting you on Thursday.


If you are unable to attend but would like to ask me something please feel free to introduce yourself after school or drop me an email at As a working parent myself,  I appreciate how tricky it can be to speak to your child's teacher in person, I will always endeavor to respond to emails the same day or alternatively send me a letter or ring the school office.

DOUBLES! DOUBLES! (*new* 1-10 version)

WWW.HARRYKINDERGARTENMUSIC.COM ...or find me on Teachers Pay Teachers!­­­­Kindergarten-Music HARRY KINDERGARTEN MUSIC, LLC Hip educational songs & videos for the K-2 Classroom! Song: DOUBLES! DOUBLES! (1-10 VERSION) Educational Content: Practicing "doubles" addition; This version has both the "small doubles" and the "big doubles" in one song, whereas my previous versions repeated one or the other in both verses.

Over the next few weeks information regarding the new academic year will be added, please keep checking for updates.
The rest of this page refers to the previous Year 1 class, why not have a look to see the types of things your child will get up to. 

Emergency Week 


Y1 had the privilege of welcoming several police officers into our classroom throughout Emergency Week, including PC Wilson. We had the opportunity to dress up in different uniforms and have hands on experience with important police equipment. We even got to see inside of a police van! There was a strong message throughout the week that policemen and women are here to help and protect us, especially in an emergency situation. 

Picture 1

Class photos 


Look under the classes tab > class galleries > Year 1 > 2017/18


Map Day
Picture 1
Maps are a fascination for both adults and children alike, so when it was announced there was going to be a map day, everyone in Year 1 was excited. Our task was to recreate a map of our classroom from a birds eye view. We started by creating a class map, before moving on to creating our own. 
Life Centre Trip
Picture 1

We had a fantastic time visiting the Life Centre in Newcastle. Starting the day with an exciting trip on the Metro, we arrived in good time and went straight to look at the Dino-jaws exhibition. This wet our appetite for our fossil workshop where we learnt more about ancient creatures and the bones that have been left behind. We also watched 'Little Bear' in the Planetarium and a disgusting, yet insigthful 'Poo show.' To finish the day we brushed up on our science skills in the Brain Zone before returning to the Metro to catch our ride home. What a great day! 

Pictures can now be found on the class gallery page. 

Spring Newsletter

DT Week


We had a fantastic week designing and creating our junk-model bridges. Inspired by Sydney Harbour Bridge, we set ourselves the challenge of creating a bridge over three pieces of blue paper. During the week we improved our cutting and gluing skills. We were also looking at ways to strengthen our structures by using tape and glue. More photographs can be found under the class galleries page.

Picture 1

A new year begins!


Welcome back to Year 1. We have an extremely exciting year ahead, filled with varying experiences to enhance our learning across the curriculum. It all kicks-off with a trip to Kirkley Hall on 20th September.


Autumn 1 Newsletter


Here are my top 10 story books for children in Y1. In no particular order:


1. The Gruffalo - Julia Donaldson

2. Aliens love underpants - Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

3. Room on the broom - Julia Donaldson

4. The Rainbow Fish - Marcus Pfister

5. Laura's Star - Klaus Baumgart

6. Giraffes can't dance - Giles Andreae

7. The dinosaur that pooped a planet - Tom Fletcher

8. No - Bot - Sue Hendra

9. The bravest ever bear - Allan Ahlberg

10. The Highway Rat - Julia Donaldson



All children in Y1 have now received a login and password for Sumdog. Sumdog is a fantastic way to encourage your child to do more maths at home in a fun way. They can play against their friends, re-capping methods learnt in class or challenge themselves with tougher problems.


If your child has lost their login details, please get in contact with the school for a new set.




PE during colder months


Children will still be doing PE outside during the colder months. As long as the playground is safe for use, the children will be doing basic games outside using a variety of equipment.


Please can you ensure that your child has suitable clothing, such as: tracksuit top and bottoms, hat and gloves.



We expect all our children to read every evening and at weekends. In Year 1, 10 minutes should be a minimum and, in addition, most children love to share books with adults, especially at bedtime. Please ensure you sign the reading log to confirm daily reading is taking place.


Some children will also have phonic sheets from taken from their recent sessions in school. These are a great way to supplement reading at home and it gives you the chance to practise sounds that we are learning currently in school.  


Year 1 Spelling List

Spellings are tested every Wednesday, with new words for the following week handed out on the same day. Alongside the new spellings, you will receive a sheet of tested words for that day with highlighted words that were spelt incorrectly. 


Your child will receive stage 1 spellings every week unless it has been deemed more appropriate for your child to receive stage 0 spellings. This will have been discussed with you before hand. You can check your child has received the correct spelling each week by looking in the top left corner. (List 1:x) are taken from stage 1 and (List 0:x) are taken from stage 0.


Children learn 12 spellings each week, ready to be tested on 10 random ones.


If you have lost the spelling sheets, they are available for download, with the corresponding dates, below.

Spring Newsletter