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The Island 2017

As in previous years, all of our classes move up a year for the last four weeks of the Summer term. It's a wonderful opportunity for children to get to know their new teacher and class routines. It also enables teachers to plan far more accurately during the Summer holidays than if they were planning for a class they'd met for just an hour or two.


This year the whole school transition topic is one that is very creative. It is based on being stranded on an island, setting up new communities, political systems, religions and trade. Each class is approaching it from a completely different angle so the showcase on the afternoon of Wednesday 19th July should be vibrant and varied.


This is a little about what children are doing:


Mrs Taylor's New Reception Class

The children in the new Reception class will be basing their work on "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak, creating masks, dances and props to use in role play. Children will be exploring island habitats then creating their own habitats within  sand, water and small world play.


Mr. Ashton's New Year 1

Mr. Ashton will begin by working in the FS Unit so will also begin with "Where The Wild Things Are". Children will explore ancient maps then explore how it would feel to live on that island. They will be exploring the British Value of the rule of law by creating their own rules (laws) for community living and these will be the basis for class rules in the year ahead. They will become familiar with the union flag then create their own flag for the island. They will look at the human body, identify parts and compare it to a Wild Thing's body. In writing children will keep a diary to tell us all about the excitement of island life.


Mrs Cruddas's New Year 2

The work in the new year 2 will begin with the story "Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers". Children will explore life on a Scottish island then create their own 3D islands thinking about plant and animal life. They will design and make new flags and coins and will think about their message to put in a bottle.


Miss Bliss's New Year 3 and Mr Howe's/Mrs Tough's New Year 4

The children are explorers who will discover a new island that has multi habitats. They will be put into groups to create different settlements that have to adapt to their physical environment. Children will need to learn survival skills. They will explore the British values of democracy, mutual respect and tolerance when they establish a government, belief system and survive a natural disaster. They will also begin to experience trade. As part of this, they will explore and write their own creation stories, design and test shelters that can withstand the elements and even learn essential survival skills.


Mrs Houston's New Year 5 and Mr Smith's New Year 6

The classes will use this topic to begin to investigate the geographical features of places identifying and describing how the physical features impact on human activities and behaviours. They will then go on to explore aspects of British values of mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs by creating four belief systems that will be the foundation for an island myth, anthem and island art.