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School Council and Community Ambassadors

Our School Council includes elected members of each class from Year 2 to Year 6.  They meet regularly with Mrs Taylor and Mrs Houston to make important decisions for our school.

School Council 2021-2022

Year 2: Isla and Alfie

Year 3: Joshua and Luke

Year 4: Emily and Sebastian

Year 5: Chloe and Max

Year 6: Yannik, Amelia, Lily and Orlaith





Minutes from Meeting 22.11.21

Pupil Voice - Mrs Taylor, PSHE Coordinator, spoke to the School Council about learning within PSHE.  Questions included- How often do you learn PSHE within the timetable?  How do you know how well you are doing?  What do you do to improve your work/learning?  This was a very informative discussion and will be continued at another meeting.

Minutes from meeting 8.11.21

Mr Howe spoke to the School Council about their role in the School Development Plan.  He would like the councillors to develop an action plan to include Pupil Voice, E Safety and British Values.  The councillors will be discussing possible targets and how to approach this exciting challenge over the next few weeks.

Minutes from meeting 11.10.21

The School Council are going to ensure that each class has a Pupil Voice suggestion box.

Minutes from meeting 27.9.21

The School Council have had their first meeting with Mrs Taylor and Mrs Houston and are looking forward to the year ahead.  We discussed roles and responsibilities and began to think about ideas for fundraising.  

School Council 2020-21

Minutes from meeting 17.3.21

Mrs Taylor met the School Council after their return to school post lockdown.  The children discussed wellbeing, how they felt about returning to school and whether things had changed in their classes.  They will speak to their teachers and peers about creating a new Jigsaw PSHE Charter of rules, to include our school values of kindness and respect.

Minutes from meeting 30.11.20

The School Council talked to their classes about ideas for a big fundraising project.  There were several ideas, including a reading shed in the yard, football goals, developing sports equipment boxes, improving reading areas within the classroom(investing in new shelving) and upgrading the toilets in Upper Key Stage 2.  Representatives spoke to Mr Howe, who will share these ideas with the Friends Group.

Minutes from meeting 16.11.20

Mr Howe has asked the children to think about a "big project" to fundraise for the school e.g. to revamp play equipment across the yards.  The councillors suggested non-uniform days and a sponsored run around the track as possible ways to raise money.  They are going to talk to their classes, bringing ideas back to the next meeting.

Christmas Fair

The Councillors were asked to discuss what they would like to see if there was a possible Christmas Fair this year.  The fair would be for individual classes in the main hall and would be organised by the Friends Group.  Mr Howe has suggested a mini event where the children could enjoy taking part in craft activities, games and visiting stalls.  The School Council suggested ideas such as a tuck shop, cake stalls, party games with prizes and lots more.  Mrs Taylor gave feedback to Mrs Baker who will discuss the suggestions with Mr Howe and the Friends Group.  Watch this space!


Exciting opportunities ahead

The School Council have had their first meeting and are looking forward to the year ahead.  We discussed roles and responsibilities and began to think about developing an action plan to make our school an even better place to learn for everyone.  The children are going to speak to their teachers and classes about creating a 'wish list' of resources to develop one area of their classroom environment.

Community Ambassadors 2020-21

Seaburn Dene Primary school is a community and our Community Ambassadors play a vital role to support, listen, inspire and implement positive changes, linking our school to the wider community.

Being a Community Ambassador is a highly respected position, giving the ambassadors the potential to be outstanding role models within our wider community. Our Community  ambassadors are expected to lead by example, demonstrate exceptional behaviour, chair and attend meetings, deliver assemblies, welcome visitors and represent our school in the wider community.

The Community Ambassadors are made up of children from Yrs 6 -4.


Year 6: Maryam, Tyler, Skye and Jake.

Year 5: Sophie, Reuben and Lucey.

Year 4: Isabella, Pixie and Jacob.


This year the team is working on a main project - helping design the new play area, alongside Sunderland City Council, at the bottom of Dykelands Road. This play area will be the largest in the city and sits at the heart of the multi-million pound redevelopment of Seaburn.

Alongside this, our Community Ambassadors are working with the Friends of Fulwell. Some of our work in the community in Autumn involves, writing to  vulnerable and isolated older people, during lockdown, while helping create Remembrance rocks for local war memorials.


Meeting 18/11/20

Mr Howe met the Community Ambassadors and discussed the development of the Dykelands Road project. The children now have equipment brochures to look at costs for equipping the planned play area.

* Friends of Fulwell have challenged the team to write to isolated members of our community in the build-up to Christmas. The children will draft their first letter over the next week.

*Sunderland Foodbank - The team decided to ask parents to donate a few items from their weekly shop to a Christmas Foodbank drive in school. Details to follow.

Previous School Council Achievements 2019-2020

Peer Mentoring

Mr Howe and Mrs Taylor spoke to the councillors about setting up a group of peer mentors within school. These children would be good role models and be there to listen to, support and encourage their peers as part of the Anti-bullying strategy. The councillors will be speaking to their classes about nominations for these roles.  Mr Howe also asked the children to think about the question: "What do you want Seaburn Dene pupils to have when they leave school at the end of Year 6?" (in terms of attributes, knowledge and life skills). The councillors will feedback at the next meeting.

Anti-Bullying Poster Competition

The school council have come up with the idea of a competition for all children to design an anti bullying poster at home.  All posters will be collected by Friday, 31st January.  Please see Mr Howe's weekly bulletin on the website, or one of the school councillors for more details.

Behaviour Policy

Mr Howe met school councillors to discuss and get feedback on plans for our new behaviour policy and rainbow system.

Anti-Bullying Conference

We are so proud of the school councillors who attended the recent Anti-Bullying Conference at the Hetton Centre.  They projected a fantastic image of our school and the children they were representing.  Comments from the event organisers included: "They were a credit to the school, excellent behaviour, good role models, clarity of speech when communicating with other children, providing a balanced argument when debating, e.g. Is a bystander innocent?"

The councillors also provided positive feedback and thought the experience was enjoyable and worthwhile, presenting their feedback to the whole school assembly on Friday.  Well done Lucey, Jake, Gabriel and Daniel.

Anti Bullying Week 11th-15th November

Members of the School Council recently attended a meeting with Mr Howe and Mrs Taylor to discuss future events.  On Tuesday,12th November we will be marking Anti Bullying week by holding an Odd Socks Day.  This is designed to be fun and an opportunity for everyone to express themselves and celebrate diversity and individuality.  The theme for Anti Bullying week is 'Change starts with us-small change, big difference' and the councillors will deliver this important message to the children within their classes.

School Ethos

Mr Howe has spoken to the School Council about the ethos of our school and what makes Seaburn Dene Primary School unique.  Their thoughts and opinions will be included within the new school ethos statement. 

Previous School Council Achievements 2018-2019

News update

Mr Howe recently attended our meeting to ask the School Council to think about ideas for celebrating the 50th anniversary of Seaburn Dene school and also how we could improve the school environment.  The children are working very hard interviewing staff and talking to their classes about this.  Mr Howe and Mrs Taylor are looking forward to the next meeting to hear about everyone's suggestions.

Working as a team and making decisions at the Anti-Bullying Conference

Looking ahead

This week is Anti-Bullying Week and the children will be celebrating the theme 'Choose Respect'.  Representatives from the School Council will be attending an Anti-Bullying conference at Monkwearmouth school next week.  They will then tell the rest of the school the outcome of the conference in assembly.


Pupil Voice-Your opinions are valued

Elections have taken place and the new councillors are proudly wearing their badges.  We have had our first meeting and the children are already taking their roles and responsibilities very seriously and are looking forward to the challenges ahead.  Between 24th and 28th September we will be celebrating the diversity of  'Pupil Voice' and as such, the School Council will be talking to their classmates about the importance of the 'Pupil voice boxes' within each classroom.  If the children have any ideas of how we could further develop our school, or suggest topics of interest for the School Council to discuss at their next meeting, then write it on a piece of paper and pop it into the box. 

Previous School Council Achievements 2017-2018


Refuse the Straw Campaign -An update.

The School Council have met with Mrs Taylor and Mrs Tough on several occasions to discuss the next steps in our campaign.  They have been working very hard to produce posters and petitions and have decided to take these into local businesses to persuade them to stop using plastic straws.  We would like to say a big thank you to parents who have offered to support the children in this.  Unfortunately, Muller, the company who provide our milk in school have not responded to our letter.  However, in line with our school ethos, the councillors are determined to continue with the campaign!  We will keep you informed of developments.

Refuse The Straw Campaign

Our school has a mission to reduce the use of plastic straws in the community and the School Council have taken action!

Children at Seaburn Dene are particularly fascinated by the environment and are shocked by films and photographs of the way in which our lifestyles damage the earth and creatures within it.  We have looked at one little step we can take to reduce the waste we produce and it's to Refuse the Straw.  In school our milk is delivered to the Nursery and Reception classes in small cartons.  Miss Purdy and the councillors have worked out that, in our school alone, each year we are using over 7,000 plastic straws which end up in the waste bin.  Imagining that every primary school in Sunderland uses around the same number, this is about 562,000 straws each year.  Our mission is to make the world a better place for citizens of the future by helping to reduce the number of plastic straws entering landfill or ending up in the ocean.  The School Council have already written a very persuasive letter to Muller milk, who our suppliers buy their milk from, to request that they change the plastic straws that come with the milk to paper straws.  Good news last week is that Costa will be no longer using plastic straws so the School Council are keen to change this in all Sunderland schools too.



Anti-Bullying Week 13th-17th November 2017

After attending the annual Anti-Bullying Conference the School Council were well equipped to talk to their peers about aspects of bullying.  They visited classes and also shared information from the school's Anti-Bullying leaflet for children, written and reviewed by former School Councillors.

Anti-Bullying Conference 2017

Earlier this term representatives from the School Council attended an Anti-Bullying Conference at Monkwearmouth School.  The children learned about diversity in preparation for Anti-Bullying week in November when we will be celebrating what makes us'All different,all equal'.

Healthy tuck shop

Miss Bliss invited a representative from a company called 'Fruit to suit' to talk to the School Council about the possibility of setting up a healthy tuck shop.  The councillors enjoyed sampling healthy snacks and became business managers, even having to fill in a product research sheet. Favourites included spicy noodles and apple crisps amongst others!  The children were enthused and George commented that it was the best meeting he had ever been to!  The children decided that the tuck shop was a good idea because it would encourage pupils to try new healthy drinks and snacks and at the same time could inspire classes to run the tuck shop as a business enterprise.  Miss Bliss volunteered to speak to Mrs Houston about the venture with the possibility that Year 5 may run the tuck shop in the Autumn term.  More details to follow.  The School Council spoke to the children about their ideas in assembly today. 

Anti bullying Ambassadors

We are delighted that the Governors have approved the revised Anti bullying policy and children's leaflet.  The School Council have worked very hard to review the policy with support from Mrs Taylor.  Well done everyone!  The children also continue their work as 'Anti bullying Ambassadors' and have had opportunities to discuss different types of bullying and explore reasons why people are likely to bully.  The councillors have shared this information in assemblies.

Science at Seaburn Dene

Mrs Wilson, our Science Coordinator, has been working with the School Council to find out about science teaching and learning in our school.  Since the last meeting, they feel that lessons are more interactive and exciting and that children and teachers enjoy science so much that they can't wait for the next lesson!  Mrs Wilson and Mrs Taylor were very impressed by their honesty and enthusiasm when talking about their experiences of science. Well done everyone!

Book exchange on World Book Day-Thursday 2nd March

A reminder for pupils in Foundation Stage to Year 6.  The School Council have organised a book exchange to take place on World Book Day.  If you have any unwanted children's books please bring them into school and place them in the box provided in your classroom.  Children who have donated a book will be given a token to exchange for another book.  If a child brings in two books they will be given two tokens and so on.  

Suggestion box

Sarah, Lily and George talked to the children in assembly this week about a new 'suggestion box'.  This will be situated on the stage in the main hall.  If anyone has any suggestions, ideas or topics of interest for the School Council to discuss at their meetings, please write it on a post it note or folded piece of paper and post it in the box.  Thank you.

Primary Science Quality Mark

Mrs Wilson, our Science Coordinator, has undertaken a survey with representatives from the School Council to find out whether children enjoy their experiences of science in school.  This evidence will provide a starting point for self-assessment to help to identify issues or successes in areas which will be addressed in an action plan.  She asked them questions such as 'What do you like/dislike about science?' and 'How could your teacher/school improve science?'  This discussion will provide important evidence towards an application for the Primary Science Quality Mark and will also ensure that children's opinions are valued and responded to.