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What Parents Say About Us

Parental feedback during Lockdown - Spring 2020-February 2021


"I am incredibly proud to have children in the Seaburn Dene family! You all go above and beyond and this will be remembered even once life 

returns to normal."

"The school and staff are amazing in what they do each day. They have made both my children into the little people they are 

which is amazing."

"Absolute unsung heroes! Stay safe everyone."

"Thank you to everyone at SDPS for all of your hard work, especially during this tough time. It is obvious to see how much you 

genuinely care for our children. So proud to be a part of this school. "We look forward to seeing you all as soon as school is up and running again. Take care everyone."

"My daughter has only been at the school a little while, but she loves being part of the Seaburn family. Thank you to all the nursery staff....stay safe everyone."

"Moving school when my son was in Year 3 was a daunting and testing time, but Seaburn Dene made this so easy. It was the best decision I have ever made. Thank you all so much for being brilliant, caring people. Stay safe, keep your families safe and we will see you at the end of the tunnel."

"You are like family to our children and will be a huge miss in their lives over the next however long.
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you for your endless hard work and dedication you have 

shown. Stay safe and take care."
"Absolutely amazing teachers and support staff, what you have done for our children is truly grateful and they will never forget what you 

have all done for them! It’s sad to think that yesterday was possibly the last day before the new academic year and that when they go back 

they will have new teachers! I as a reading volunteer and on placement for my teaching assistant qualification will miss working with the 

children and staff and I’m truly grateful to of been apart of this! Here’s hoping we are back to normal ASAP but for now stay safe, be kind and most of all don’t change what you do, as you are amazing: Seaburn Dene Family."
"We all appreciate how hard Mr Howe and the staff work tirelessly to make the school a great place to be."

Parent Survey - Spring 2020

"You are about every child individually ensuring he/she reaches their full potential."

 "The school gives off a friendly, family-like feel to all pupils and parents. It has a good community feeling. The teachers are friendly and approachable to both parents and children."

"Seaburn Dene shows fabulous inclusivity of my daughters, skills talents / concerns. It has a friendly environment for my child to work in."

"It has brought out my child's confidence, teaches the children in an enjoyable way and builds a Growth Mindset and drives ambition in the children."

"The children are well known - they are not just a number."

"As far as I am concerned you are doing everything right. You listen to my child and encourage where it is needed."

"It is a small school so you know all students. Helps them feel part of the school."

"Developing sports activities for girls so that they can try different sports."

"Communication, encouragement, fabulous education."

 "The teachers are all fantastic. They have been a fantastic support to my daughter and have offered support, encouragement and  put support in place so she can achieve her education and reach her full potential."

"You are a wonderful school who care greatly about the children and varying their education. Well done all."

"You have a wide and balanced curriculum with lots of extra activities and emphasis out upon subjects other than English and maths."

"Lovely caring school, which builds confidence in the children. I have seen my child absolutely blossom at the school."

"Excellent after school activities. Great balance of sport, arts and mindfulness. They have improved my daughter's confidence."

"Keep doing what you are doing. It is a wonderful, happy school and my child loves being here."

"Simple explanation. Can't improve on perfection. Many thanks."

"All staff focus on building children's strengths. I feel since Mr Howe took over the school has had fantastic achievements and the school feels much more focused and alive and he interacts with students and parents positively."

"My child comes home happy from school everyday. This is testimony to how the school help children grow in confidence."

We  continue to consult parents on a range of important issues. Consultation can happen informally, on the playground, or formally through a written survey. Our web based survey this year, has seen participation double and parent feedback forms an important part of how we develop and improve as a school, post lockdown.

 The views of parents and carers help us offer the best possible service, and in helping to shape the future direction of the school and providing the very best opportunities for all the children at Seaburn Dene. 

Each document is in PDF format, and can be downloaded by clicking on the name of the survey.

Remote Learning Survey - February 2021

Parent Survey - Spring 2020

Parent Survey - July 2019 - Feedback

"Our daughter loves coming to nursery. Since joining her development has come on great. The teachers are all lovely and friendly and are willing to help with any concerns."

"Seaburn Dene is a welcoming and friendly school, with an impressive ethos which caters to every child. Communication is fantastic."

"There is a huge variety of things that children can choose to get involved in drama, sport, music, competitions etc – something for everyone. The headteacher knows every child by name and there seems to be a caring ethos."

"Very warm, friendly and nurturing school and my child feels very safe and happy."

"Small school – everyone knows everyone – has a real community feel."

"Opportunities, community, perspectives, ambition for kids – caring and approachable."

Meet and Greet 2018 Feedback - Compliments

"Fantastic staff and such a wide range of opportunities for the children available."

"The teachers remembered my child's name. They are very hands on and clearly dedicated. I am excited for my child's future."

"We are so very happy our son is able to attend this wonderful, exciting, interesting, caring, brilliant school."

"Lovely, warm teachers."

"I like how friendly and close knit the school is. I feel like I know if we need support and we would get it. Lovely school."

"Thank you for helping my child read, write and become confident with maths. She has come on a treat."


Why did you choose our school?

"Our first choice school was another, however we did not get a place. Coming to Seaburn Dene worked out to be the best thing that could have happened to our son."

"Seaburn Dene wasn't our first choice - but it couldn't have turned out any better. Lovely teachers, great facilities, our son has come on fantastically. The class sizes are fab so the kids get lots of attention. Fab school."

"Close to home and a lovely "village school" feel. Not too big."

"We chose the school on the recommendation of friends and the friendly staff and pupils have helped our daughter settle in."

"I like that it is a small school and the teachers know all the children."

"Close to home, welcoming place and staff, size of the classrooms, confidence in the staff."

"We think it is a great school. We admire the teaching staff for their skill, caring and patience."

"We were really impressed with the passion of the staff, facilities and the schools sport programme."

"When we visited the school it appeared to have a lovely warm ethos and atmosphere."

"Great teachers, great school, great attitude towards quality education. Happy kids = happy parents."

"Seaburn Dene stood out to me for all the right reasons. Very good school all round."

"Close to home. Good reputation."

Parent Survey July 2019

We consult parents on a range of important issues. Consultation can happen informally, on the playground, or formally through a written survey. In addition - in 2019/20 -  we will have a 'suggestion box' for parents in our main entrance. The views of parents and carers are hugely important in helping us offer the best possible service, and in helping to shape the future direction of the school and providing the very best opportunities for the children at Seaburn Dene. In the past, we have used written surveys to consult many different matters and we will continue to do so.

Each document is in PDF format, and can be downloaded by clicking on the name of the survey.

Parent Survey - July 2019

If you would like to submit a review as to how we are doing to OFSTED please click here to link to their Parents Views page.

Parent Questionnaire Results-Autumn term 2017 

Thank you to the 64 parents who returned their questionnaire. Your responses and comments contribute to the school's development. Here are the results.


    Strongly Agree Agree Disagree



Don't know/

Not applicable

1. My child is happy at this school 84% 16% 0% 0% 0%
2. My child feels safe at this school 86% 14% 0% 0% 0%
3. The school deals effectively with bullying 73% 17% 0% 3% 7%
4. The school looks after my child well. 86% 14% 0% 0% 0%
5. My child makes good progress at this school. 86% 8% 0% 0% 6%
6. My child is well taught at this school. 86% 14% 0% 0% 0%
7. My child receives appropriate homework for their age. 69% 20% 4% 0% 7%
8 This school makes sure the pupils are well behaved. 77% 19% 4% 0% 0%
9. This school is well led and managed 77% 20% 0% 0% 3%
10 The school responds well to any concerns I raise. 77% 23% 0% 0% 0%


100% of Parent & Carers said they would recommend this school to another parent.

Some of the further comments:


  • My son enjoys many aspects of school life and feels happy.

  • The ratio of children to teachers is fantastic and allows more focus. I've seen massive progress in our children.

  • I'm so pleased that we put our child in Seaburn Dene. She is so happy here and looks forward to each day. I always feel that she is well looked after.

  • A very caring school. My child is happy here and is doing well. We appreciate how hard all the staff work.

  • We are very happy and think the school is very well lead and impressed with all the staff.

  • I have been totally satisfied during my children's education: over five years. 

  • Our eldest child had such a positive experience of primary school. We hope our youngest daughter is as happy at Seaburn Dene as her sister was - she certainly seems to be be. She loves the school, learning and her friends. Thank you.

On the evening of 12th February 2015 we held a mother and daughters evening with a focus on maths, challenges and family fun. Here is feedback from one of our parents.


To Miss Purdy

I just want to thank you and ALL the staff at Seaburn Dene for the most fantastic and enjoyable night for mothers and daughters. My two girls have said they cant wait for the next night as they enjoyed so much. I think if there were more families there, it may have taken longer for each family to be involved in the activities, therefore having only 28 families was the perfect amount for the night. Please dont hold back on future events like this, as you and all the staff joined in and made a great night for everyone! 

Thanks again

Action Maths-Foundation Stage Unit

Please pass on my appreciation to the staff in the Foundation Stage for their effort in planning and delivering a great Action Maths session.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit this morning to share in my son’s play and learning. He was very enthusiastic about all the maths activities on offer and was proud to show me around "his" nursery.

May I also take this opportunity to thank Mrs Wilson and the team for helping to settle my child into your school. His confidence has grown a lot in the past couple of weeks and as a parent it's reassuring to hear him tell me things such as "Mrs Wilson's got a lovely voice" "Mrs Brown wears lovely jumpers" and "Mrs Fryatt is lovely.” Thank you. (Parent Jan 2015)

Maths Workshops-January and February 2015

Maths workshops were held on three consecutive Wednesdays at the beginning of the Spring term 2015. These were organised to help parents understand the calculation methods we use at different stages as children move through the school.

This is what parents thought/said:


100% of parents felt the workshops were very good with 43% considering them to be outstanding. Here are some of the comments:


"Relaxed, informative and very useful. Great to work with daughter in a classroom setting."

"Good mix of practical and theory. Great opportunity to speak to teaching staff."

"Essential to understand the processes your child uses."

"Useful, informative and explained well".