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Updates on our Curriculum and use of Face Coverings


In light of the recent announcement from the Prime Minister about stricter measures in response to rates of covid infections, can I remind you of our systems for the drop-off and collection of children. 


We ask all parents and adults (unless exempt) who drop off or collect any children from the school to wear a face mask at all times when on the school site. We also recognise that, despite the social distancing systems in place, and most of our parents/ adults are following our guidance, there are times when some adults are not adhering to social distancing (and congregating) and some parents are not sticking to their child’s allocated drop off and pick up time.


This is causing unnecessary congestion at some points, hence increasing the risk.


Here is a reminder for all parents and adults about drop – off and pick up arrangements:


· Only one parent/ adult dropping off or picking up

· Follow the one-way system and do not go back on yourself.

· Maintain social distance at all times.

· Know your child’s collection and drop off times

· Stick as close as possible to times to avoid unnecessary waiting or gatherings. Do not arrive before your allocated time.

· Older children, where possible and with permission, walk on to the school site on their own

· Avoid social gatherings and leave as soon as you have collected your child.

· Keep walkways and gates clear

· Adults wear a mask when on the school site (unless exempt)

· Wait to collect your child from the place we have asked you to




Drop Off





11.45am or 2.45pm




























We know these measures are new for us all and we have to respond to the changing situation, so we all must follow them to help to keep our community and our school family safe.

Thank you all for your continued support with ensuring the children have as close a return to normal school life as is possible. Timetable changes and day to day life may be a little different, but the atmosphere remains warm, positive and purposeful in each year group.


Throughout this pandemic we have worked successfully with our community to ensure they feel listened to and their concerns and thoughts are taken into consideration, we have made sure to the best of our ability that everyone is kept as safe as possible. 


In each year group, our recovery curriculum is being embedded and will be continually reviewed. However, if there is a further peak in infection rate and more stringent conditions need to be enforced, the arrangements may need to change sooner. As we move through the term we know that children may have to self-isolate – for a variety of reasons – for up to 14 days. We have staff ready to respond to the challenge of children missing out – again – on further chunks of formal education, but that can only work in partnership with parents.


As part of planning our timetable, intervention and additional sessions, we are using assessments to check where the gaps are in pupils’ knowledge and learning are and it is clear there are gaps. This is vital in helping our staff understand the “whole picture” of a child, rather than in one subject alone and plan accordingly.

High quality assessment for learning are being used. The whole purpose of this is to help children move on in their learning. These are not SATs and we have and will continue to use various techniques and tools to assess children more practically during the these first weeks of Autumn Term academically. This will allow the teaching team to establish starting points for teaching.

Y2, as in every school, are required by the Department of Education to do a phonics screening check, at some point after October half term, with results to be sent to Sunderland City Council. We will inform parents in Y2 the arrangements for this in due course.


Since COVID we have learned new ways of how to support each other, the schools relationship with families has changed, I believe, for the better. This will change the way the school works in the future and we will do MORE than ever to support you and your family. We recognise that the school family will need to help each other work through the re-opening of Seaburn Dene to respond to difficulties as they arise. 


We have a wide range of support on offer to children families and staff. Support ranges from internal staff  support, mutual staff support to referrals to agencies employed by the school for parents to Local Authority Services for staff and children when necessary.


Where necessary we have a strong PSHE curriculum in place to support the children’s understanding of the current issues.  We therefore feel we are in an informed position to support our children and families and realise that some children will need and continue to need a different approach to support their mental wellbeing and transition back to school. 


We strongly feel that a mixture of wellbeing tasks, sport, creative art and social activities as well as the Seaburn Dene approach to high quality teaching, learning and support available for all our school family will be the best recipe for children, staff and parents feeling safe, secure, confident and happy.  We are incredibly fortunate to have a hugely experienced and confident staff team that will help support everyone. 

We will continue to teach in the way we know excites and motivates children; which is what they truly deserve after such a long break from education.