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The Celebrations Continue...


As Sunderland 5-a-side champions, on Thursday Seaburn Dene Primary School  football team played against the 7 -a-side winning teams to battle it out to see who would be the overall Sunderland Primary School Football Champions. This was a very challenging event with nine superb teams to play against. With talented and determined players in our team we made it through to the finals against St. Benets. That match not only resulted in a penalty shoot out but, as the two teams were so closely matched became a sudden death penalty shoot out.  It was with great joy and celebration that Gabriel, persuaded to take the penalty by Mr. Traves, went forward and scored the winning goal. What joy and relief!


Gabriel would be the first person to say the amazing success of the team is down to every individual that has played this season. To understand how momentous this win is, Mr. Traves was told it is unheard of for the winning team of the 5-a-side to win the 7-a-side to become overall Sunderland schools football champion. So well done to all our players and to Mr. Traves and Mr. Ashton for organising, coaching and supporting the team on every occasion. 



On Friday our very successful Year 6 basketball team were regional runners up in the Year 6 Hoops for Health tournament. During the two years they've played as a team they have been dedicated and focused. Congratulations to them for all their successes and we hope that they continue to play as they move into secondary education.



Right at this moment the weather forecast is not looking positive with rain forecast from 9.00pm on Tuesday to 8.00am on Wednesday. Let's hope, on this occasion they forecasters are wrong and the winds blow away the rain clouds or dry up the wet grass so we can have a fantastic day.


Just a few reminders.


  • Sports Day officially starts at 10.30am. Children move around a carousel of activities to score points for their house. They should be in uniform shorts and a plain house colour t-shirt. If your child's t-shirt has pictures or logos, we we will ask them to turn it inside out.
  • If it's sunny, don't forget sun tan cream and hats for children (and yourselves). The sea breeze can be very deceptive and some of us have looked like over-cooked lobsters the day after a very cool Sports Day.
  • Children must stay with their class at all times except lunchtime. They may have water bottles but should not be given food or drink by parents other than during the lunch break or after the event is over. 
  • At the end of the day children will be taken back to their classrooms to collect uniforms, tidy equipment away and then will be handed over to you individually.  We thank you for your patience.
  • We have children in school who are not allowed to have their photographs taken. To keep them safe, photographs should not be taken except of your own children and their friends (with their parents' permission). Please be careful who you have innocently captured in the background.
  • We want EVERYONE to have fun.  It's always amazing how supportive our families are of children who struggle to finish the formal races so that we all go home smiling.



Parking is always an issue around schools as the majority were built before children were driven to school. However, I receive the complaints from the police and neighbours fairly frequently. Please be considerate of our neighbours by not blocking drives when you park and leave the car. And if you are asked to move to let people into their homes, we ask that you please show respect and behave in a manner we would expect of our children.  May I also point out that there are yellow zigzag lines for a reason and that you do not pull up or park on them. I noticed the CSOs checking this out on Wednesday.


SCIENCE IN OUR SCHOOL -Visit by representatives of the Standards and Testing Agency

We are honoured and delighted to have been chosen by the Local Authority to host two members of the Standards and Testing Agency on Tuesday. They are researching science in primary schools and, as this is one of our many strengths, our two guests have been recommended to visit us to see science in action, talking to staff and find out about children's learning.



Religious Education teaching in our school has improved to be outstanding over the past year, thanks to the introduction of Discovery RE which challenges children, requiring them to retain their taught knowledge to apply it to a big question presented to them every half term. Because we are so delighted with the progress our children are making, on Friday we were asked to do a presentation at a local Headteachers' conference. Mrs Houston, in her usual vibrant style, explained how the scheme has impacted on the work in her class and the delegation were very impressed.


ALSO THIS WEEK.....On Tuesday Year 6 are off to Tyneside Cinema to make a film around the story of Macbeth. On Thursday, Year 5 will be attending the same workshop. On Friday the Friends of the School are holding a non uniform day called A Day on the Beach-so get out your shorts and shades everyone!