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The Calm Before the Tinsel!

A Working Week

The Christmas Fair was an amazing success with tombolas selling out within the first half hour. Families were staggering out of the school, weighed down with prizes and purchases. Local businesses certainly did us proud this year! Thank you, of course, to all the Friends of the School and the other volunteers who put in hours of hard work to make the event a great success. Once the counting of coins is complete we will let you know the final figure but we are certain it's over £1000.


Now it's back to normal for another week so let's all forget Christmas until the Christmas dinner on Wednesday 9th December, to concentrate on all the wonderful learning before us.


Toys and Pencil Cases

It is the school rules not to bring toys and other personal belonging, such as pencil cases, into school. Every class is well equipped with the correct pens and pencils so extras are not needed. If you bring any personal item into school without prior knowledge and approval of the teacher we cannot be held responsible for breakages, it becoming lost or arguments about ownership.


Where Are They Now?

When the mum of two former pupils contacted me last month to tell us what her two children, Ben and Beth, were achieving and studying we thought other parents would find it fascinating too. With one sibling training to be a dancer and the other an athlete, we couldn't fail to be impressed and so invite our former pupils to get in touch with us. Take a look at the website page "All Grown Up" in About Us to read about Beth and Ben.


A Crib for a Baby

Angel in Year 6 has a very skilled grandfather who used to create scenery and sets for television programmes. As a master craftsman he has made, especially to raise funds for the school, this adorable crib for a doll. Angel and her friends will soon be selling raffle tickets so that you can try to win this unique prize for someone in your family. At 50p a strip, not only will the money raise invaluable funds for the school, but also give someone a wonderful surprise. Watch out for Angel's stall before and after school very soon. (Crib photographs below).