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Teachers and Classes 2016-17

*The following plans as to which teachers will teach which classes are provisional but we expect that teachers responsible for next year's classes will be:


  • Nursery-Mrs Wilson
  • Reception-Mrs Taylor

In the Foundation Stage there will be times when the staff interchange and work alongside each other as in past years.


  • Year 1-Mr. Ashton
  • Year 2-Mrs Cruddas
  • Year 3-Miss Bliss
  • Year 4-Mr. Howe and Mrs Tough (Mr Howe will teach in the mornings and Mrs Tough in the afternoons).
  • Year 5-Mrs Houston
  • Year 6-Mr. Smith and Mr Traves (both teachers will work full time with the class).


*The resignation date for teachers is 31st May.


Welcome Mr. Traves

In September we will welcome Mr. Richard Traves onto our teaching staff. Mr. Traves spent two weeks in our school last term as part of his training so already knows our systems, staff and many of the children. He will be our in-house supply teacher to cover staff absences but his main role will involve teaching Year 6 alongside Mr. Smith. This will give the current Year 5 class the intensive boost it needs to reach the high standards achieved by past Year 6 classes. We look forward to working with Mr. Traves and hope he enjoys beginning his teaching career with us.


British Values

As part of the children's education in British values, both Years 5 and 6 will be visiting the Mayor's office and council chambers this term. Year 6 are taking their trip this afternoon when they will meet the outgoing mayor and former governor of our school, Councillor Barry Curran.


On Monday 23rd May, the Parliament Outreach Officer will be leading workshops with Years 3,4,5, and children in Year 6 not going to Derwent Hill. Children will learn how to debate and make laws.