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Reading Festival and World Book Day


This week our library is open from 8.30am so that families can enjoy a book session together. Tuesday is timetabled for Yr 3, Wednesday Yr 4, Thursday Yr 5 and Friday Yr 6.


Here is the rest of our schedule for the week:

  • Film Club -after school today (Monday). Mrs Tough is showing a cartoon version of Oliver for Yrs 1and 2.
  • Tuesday's assembly-Miss Purdy introduces some of her favourite children's books.
  • Wednesday-Big Foot Arts Education team lead an assembly and workshops with Dickensian themes.
  • Thursday-Dress as a Dickensian character and interview some of the adult characters.
  • Cooked meals are taking on a Dickensian theme with a pie and jam sponge. To be fed everyone has to say "Please can I have some more?".
  • Thursday-Stories at Bedtime-return to school in your onesies to hear tales from teachers. Only the brave will dare to enter Miss Purdy's office to hear extracts from "The Ghost Hunter".
  • All week-book swap box. Change a book you no longer need for a book in the box.



To celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday, we will be taking part in the Keep Britain Tidy campaign by cleaning the school grounds and cut behind Monkwearmouth. Sunderland Council are providing all the equipment and their support. Thank you Mr. Howe for organising this.



We had 73 wonderful entries for this illustration competition so, before we sent the finalists down to Ivan Jones, there were serious decisions to be made. On receipt of the finalists, Ivan said that he and his wife Mal were "bowled over " by the quality of and thought put into the illustrations so found it incredibly difficult to decide on a winner. As yet we have not been told of their decision so fingers crossed everyone. Ivan has asked me to thank everyone who entered and, even if you are not winners this time, he appreciates your amazing ideas and asks you all to keep on drawing.


The winning entry will be announced at our Drop In on the afternoon of Friday 18th March.