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Not so blue Monday

It was pretty soggy in the playground this morning but, as children arrived in school, most had huge grins on their faces. Children are completely unaffected by so called media red letter days -today is apparently Blue Monday.


Perhaps instead our children are reflecting on the wonderful day we had with author, and friend of the school Chris Lloyd. A group of Year 5 pupils were so fascinated with the presentation that they stayed behind to ask questions and present their own scientific knowledge and theories. Ideal for Key Stage 2 children, is the free to join Family Book Club on the What on Earth? website.  Click here to be taken directly to the website. And probably they are trying to discover the answers to our weekly What On Earth questions about Velcro set by Chris himself. He donated a wonderful Timeline book to win.  The draw is on Tuesday.


Maybe some children are anticipating a fabulous fun filled evening with CASA arts. CASA welcome all children at Key Stage 2 to join them on Mondays between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. They can bring friends from other schools too.


And many will be ready to welcome back the Open The Book performers who will be in school tomorrow for the first time since Christmas. Open the Book bring the Bible to life with their amazing props and children as extras into their performances so we always look forward to seeing them.


Could Yrs 4, 5 & 6 be looking forward to today's science lesson which is supported by STEM consultant Mr. Watkins? Last week he could not believe how far he could take our children, with some working at Yr 8 level. As you know, science is our focus subject, alongside reading, and the children have never been more enthusiastic about discovering and investigating.


Perhaps the thought of Mr. McNally's music lessons on a Friday puts the smile on the children's face. Having been Head of Department, an Advanced Skills Teacher, a former member of STOMP and a current member of a band that continues to gig, Mr. McNally's passion for music shines through so that children cannot wait for the next music lesson. He has the best Youtube film clip of the best drum solo ever on a chair! Click here for the link.


So we may sing the blues or turn litmus paper blue but our lives here at Seaburn Dene are a rainbow of wonderful colours.