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Monday Attendance

If your child is an England fan and will be staying up until after 11pm on Sunday to watch the Euro final, then we are relaxing our start time on Monday to allow them to get to school by 10.30am.
It will be business as usual for staff and the normal, staggered starts remain in place, but we know many children will be up past their bedtime for this historic event. We would rather have the children in with a full night's sleep, than tired, grouchy or absent all day.
School will start with the first bubble in, Y6, at 8.30am, but children arriving up to 10.30am won't be marked late and they won't miss any lessons. Children coming in later should access school onto the main yard from Torver Crescent.
With a number of parents being allowed time off work on the Monday, we didn’t want to see children taking the whole day off because they were tired. Allowing some to come in later means that they will be ready for learning when they arrive.
The job of schools is to give children the best experiences possible, which will help in their education. This is a hugely important event of national pride and is such an important teaching point that we want children to be part of that.
It is 55 years since England reached a major football final, this is a learning experience - in which we can talk about everything that is part of our national identity: determination, resilience, aspiration and respect.

Please note, if your child is in Y5/6 and normally comes in unaccompanied - they MUST be brought in by adult, if arriving later than their normal start time.

Please fill in this form, if you intend to bring your child in later - for safeguarding purposes.