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Headteacher's Week - 24.05.21

“Rain, Rain, go away, Come again another day.”


The weather has caused us problems this week, leading to a little flexible working and some difficult conditions, but whatever the weather we can be proud of the fact that our Yr 6/5 group were able to take part in the Derwent Hill residential this year and the rest of the school are outside: as often as possible. School is about learning, encouraging our children to dream big, but equally about making memories - and this is one of those enduring memories that will follow a child through the life. The smiles tell us all we need to know about the value of outdoor learning. That value will be reinforced tomorrow when we hold our own Outdoor Learning Day, with our Reception class heading off to our beach. 



Today was my first face-to-face assembly for children in YRs 1, 2 and 4 - for 14 months. It was such a pleasure to be able to share an assembly in person, rather than on Google Meet.
My assembly was inspired by the book "Kids Fight Plastic" and how our children can make a difference to the environment in just two minutes. We talked about what action they - with the support of you - could make, of course this is brought into sharper focus when we consider our proximity to the sea and the fact that experts think that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our seas and oceans than fish. 


Non-uniform day/Thank you

Friday is a non-uniform day, with either a gift/bottle - for a summer raffle/class fair which will be held before the end of term. Thank you to all who helped raised £365.50 for the Book Trust with our pyjamarama this year. 


Seaburn Inn

A huge congratulations to Tyler and Sisi in Yr 6, whose name: Poseidon's Play Place, was chosen by The Inn Collection Group for the play area at the Seaburn Inn. The group's managing director Sean Donkin said, of the entries,  "We were absolutely over the moon with all the suggestions that came in - what a creative bunch of pupils there are at your school."

Tyler said, "We are studying Ancient Greece and since the Seaburn Inn is next to the sea, we came up with the idea of Poseidon's Play Place because we learnt in history that he was the god of sea."

Sisi added, "We were surprised and happy and we are really looking forward to visiting."

The two are now due to visit the new hotel, after half term as part of their prize.



Are children are outside in all weather. Please send them in with suitable coats. While we have some we can lend, on wet days this demand has been quite high - with children coming into school without appropriate coats, or in some cases, no coats at all.