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And into the Summer Term....

Day One of the Summer term with the car thermometer indicating 4 degrees and driving rain beating against the windscreen. But as the children arrived in school, the sun peeped at us from behind the clouds so we are now up and running. With only 9 school days before the Year 6 SATs, our minds are turning to Sports Day and other Summer events.


WE Action Plan

Just before the holidays a group of 30 Year 4,5 and 6 pupils worked with Frankie from WE to launch their year of social action and campaigning. Their debates included:

  • What’s better for the environment, recycling or using less electricity/fuel?
  • If you were in Kenya, would you spend your money saved up on a secondary education or on healthcare for a family member?
  • If you were in Kenya, would you provide families with the tools and seeds to grow their own food or provide the tools needed to set up a business so families can buy their resources from the market?
  • If you were in Kenya, would you build a well in the community so members don’t have to walk miles, or complete a school so 100s of people can access education?
  • If you were the Prime Minister, would you put more money into helping the elderly or helping refugees?
  • If you could remove one issue from the world, would you remove hunger or hate?
  • Who has the most responsibility to tackle these issues – Presidents and Prime Ministers or us as members of the public?


A Year 6 team  met during the holidays and, with the help of Sarah's mum, is organising a short sponsored walk for adults and all children for £1 each culminating in a conga! They are dividing the money raised between the British Heart Foundation and WE, specifically for their work in Kenya. You may enjoy browsing the WE website.