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A thought - as we walk out today

A reflection as we leave Seaburn Dene on a beautiful Spring day. Today is the last day until possibly the next academic year. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the effect on parents and the children of Covid-19- and rightly so. But I wanted to take time to talk about your child’s teachers and teaching assistants.
As teachers, we love what we do. Even when our workload seems impossible, our resources short, our classes ever changing and our weekends non-existent, we get through it because we love teaching.
Our staff love seeing that spark happen. They love it when we teach your child something brand new. They love it when you see them feel good about something they did. They are great company and unique people. It is going to feel like an empty nest. What is happening goes against everything we have ever known as teachers. It’s not natural. It's not even a chance to say goodbye to classes. For some children, that means them moving schools after spending most of their lives with us. This is a really horrible feeling to have. We know that for you as parents and carers the next few months will be hard, and we will support you along the way. Please take a moment to think of the teachers, teaching assistants, nursery workers and all other staff who work in a school, who will feel like a large part of their life is missing. #Be kind.
Thanks - as ever for your support.