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Mental Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing Including Physical well-being


At Seaburn Dene Primary School, we aim to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for our whole school community (children, staff, parents and carers), and recognise how important mental health and emotional wellbeing is to our lives in just the same way as physical health. We recognise that children’s mental health is a crucial factor in their overall wellbeing and can affect their learning and achievement. All children go through ups and downs during their school career and some face significant life events. 

The Department for Education (DfE) recognises that: “in order to help their children succeed; schools have a role to play in supporting them to be resilient and mentally healthy”. Schools can be a place for children and young people to experience a nurturing and supportive environment that has the potential to develop self-esteem and give positive experiences for overcoming adversity and building resilience. For some, school will be a place of respite from difficult home lives and offer positive role models and relationships, which are critical in promoting children’s wellbeing and can help create a sense of belonging and community.

Our role in school is to ensure that children are able to manage times of change and stress, and that they are supported to reach their potential or access help when they need it. We also have a role to ensure that children learn about what they can do to maintain positive mental health, what affects their mental health, how they can help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and where they can go if they need help and support.

Our aim is to help develop the protective factors which build resilience to mental health problems and to be a school where:
* All children are valued.
* Children have a sense of belonging and feel safe.
* Children feel able to talk openly with trusted adults about their problems without feeling any stigma.
*Positive mental health is promoted and valued.
* Bullying is not tolerated.


At Seaburn Dene we provide wellbeing areas around school for members of our school community to engage in a range of services or even just to have some quiet time to reflect or talk. 

Help and support for Mental Health and Wellbeing can be found locally at, and

Keeping Emotionally Healthy

Throughout this challenging time many individuals and families may require additional support emotionally, financially or with their physical health. Please do not hesitate to contact us using our confidential email address;  for advice, information and further support for yourself or your family.

We recognise that is such a difficult time for many children and families, and have considered ways in which we can support our families to stay emotionally healthy.

We have included some useful links and resources to support both pupils and families during this time.  We will be continuing to update the resources over the coming weeks.


Support to Pupils

1. A child friendly animated video to explain Coronavirus to your children.


2. Dave the Dog is worried about Coronavirus is a useful resource to support children in Early Years and KS1.


3.  Carol Gray has a produced a very useful resource to support children of KS2 with their understanding of pandemics and the Coronavirus.


4. Nuffield Health have developed a fantastic Wellbeing Journal for children.  It can either be downloaded as a PDF or it can be completed as an interactive journal online.


5. Nosy Crow has produced a Book for Children to discuss and explain Coronavirus.