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Class Dojo

Dojo Class Winners

We are currently using the Class Dojo reward system to encourage positive behaviour in school. Children can earn Dojo points by demonstrating positive behaviour such as helping others, working hard, being kind to others and making good progress during lessons. However, children can also lose Dojo points for breaking the school rules, including being disrespectful, being off task or hurting others.


There are also incentives for the children to earn as many points as possible over the year, with certificates awarded as the children reach milestones, such as a bronze award for 50 Dojos and a silver award for 100 Dojos.


Parents/carers can access the details of their child’s Dojo account through the Class Dojo Website or the Class Dojo app for their mobile phone or tablet.
Apple App Store
Google Play/Android Store

Login details have now been sent home. Once parents are signed up, they are able to monitor the points that have been earned each day and Class Dojo can also be used to send messages between teachers and parents. Please note, teacher's will respond to Dojo messages during the school day or outside of this (if they choose.)


Each class has a ‘Class Story’ which teachers update with information and photographs to show what the children have been learning about in school and this can be viewed by parents once they have logged into their account.

If you are a parent/carer and do not have the login details for your account, please contact your child’s class teacher. 



Class Dojo


Experience your child’s school day Get alerts every time your child’s teacher posts an activity, awards your child a point, or sends you a message. Safely share the news with the whole family.


Support your child’s learning and development Have more meaningful conversations with your child about school and practise topics together. Your involvement will have the biggest impact on their ongoing success


Celebrate your child’s success Smile every time your child gets a point. Tell them how proud you are and reinforce their good work and positive behaviours.


Keep up-to-date Get messages and updates from your child’s teacher about what is going on in school.

Please note: Any messages you send are recorded and may not be replied to. It is always recommended to personally speak to your child’s teacher. If you need any help setting up your Class Dojo account, please speak to your class teacher.

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