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Summer Holiday Scrapbook Challenge

Spring Term Newsletter

Year Four Skipping Festival 2017


Year Four have been learning how to perform a myriad of skipping moves this week to help them when they take part in the Sunderland skipping festival next term. If you would like to purchase a skipping rope for your child, so they can practise and refine their new skills, they are now available from Mrs Baker in the school entrance. 


yellow/ green cord ropes suitable for KS 1/ 2 are £5 each

Adult ropes are £5 each

4m long playground ropes for group skipping are £7.50 each

8m long playground ropes for large group skipping are £15 each

Double Dutch beaded ropes are £20 a pair

Yr 4. Fair Trade Project/ Competition!

Autumn Term Newsletter

Spelling/Handwriting homework letter update - November 2016