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To teach children about positive relationships, family and emotional well-being and our bodies, we use the "Teaching SRE with Confidence in Primary Schools" scheme throughout the school.

Foundation Stage - Our Lives

1.  Same and Different - To appreciate the similarities and differences between boys and girls including the correct names of body parts. 

2.  Our Day - To consider the routines and patterns of a typical day and to understand some areas in which children can look after themselves e.g.          dressing and undressing.

3.  Keeping Ourselves Clean - To understand why hygiene is important and explain why it is important to keep clean using some basic hygiene                routines. 

4.  Families - To recognise that all families are different by identifying members of the family and understanding how they can help each other. 

Year 1 - Exploring Friendship and Trust

1. Friends & Friendship - To understand the qualities needed to be a good friend.

2. Friendship Quilt - To recognise that a problem can be dealt with by talking.

3. Friends are People We Can Trust - To identify the key qualities of a good friend.

4.Keeping Friends - To understand how to be a friend to others.

Year 2

Keeping Clean

 1  Know your feelings, describe feelings and recognise how these can be changed.

 2 The Smell Monster relate feelings to actions and realise the consequences of not keeping clean.

 3 The Smell Monster- keeping our bodies clean.

 4. Keeping Our Bodies Clean.


Year 3 - Your Feelings, Your Choice.

1. Feelings - To recognise negative feelings and appreciate them.

2. Know your Feelings - To understand how to deal with negative feelings.

3. Someone to Tell - To be able to offer help and advice to people in difficult situations.

4. Making Decisions - To develop the skills needed to deal with different situations themselves.

Year 4 - Keeping Safe

1. Who makes the choice - considering the implications of a decision.

2. Rules - To understand the need for rules.

3. Keeping Safe outside of school - To be aware of dangerous situations and to recognise how to minimise personal risk.

4. Responsibility - To understand how human responsibilities change.

Year 5 - Growing and Changing - Puberty

1. Puberty - To know how our emotions  and bodies are changing and how to deal with these changes.

2. Rules - To recognise  why we have rules, how rules are made, how they are enforced and how we can all take part in making and changing rules.

3. A Healthy Lifestyle - To understand what is needed to be a healthy person, physically and mentally.

4. Descisions- How to make informed choices about a range of subject areas.



Year 6 - Growing and Changing - Puberty

1. Puberty - To know how and why puberty changes occur.

2. Changing Relationships - To recognise a wide variety of changes.

3. Relationships - To be aware that not all information is accurate.

4.Growing and Changing - To produce a magazine about puberty, growing up and relationships.