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Foundation Stage Unit

Welcome to Foundation Stage


In our school we have a vibrant, active and engaging Foundation Stage, where Nursery and Reception children work , play  and share their ideas and mistakes, to make better learners. 

Within Seaburn Dene Foundation Stage we aim to:

  • Provide a secure foundation to learning.
  • Create a rich learning environment, indoors and out, to provide opportunities for all. 
  • Develop a positive Partnership with Parents. 

We have a friendly, enthusiastic and supportive team to assist the children in their learning. 

Our team consists of: 

  • Mrs Wilson - Leader of learning in the Foundation stage and Year 1 (Foundation Stage Manager) / Nursery Class Teacher 
  • Mrs Berston - Teaching Assistant 
  • Mrs Gibbins - Support Teaching Assistant (SEN)
  • Miss Hewitt - Early Years Apprentice 
  • Mrs Taylor - Reception Class Teacher 
  • Mrs Brown - Nursery Nurse (Reception) 


Playing and Learning in the Foundation Stage


The Foundation stage includes Nursery and Reception aged children.  This stage of learning is about exploring and developing each unique child's skills and abilities to help them make good progress and develop positive attitudes to learning - to help provide them with the...

Best possible start to their school career. 

Foundation Stage September News Letter

How does my child learn to read and write in the Reception class?

*Our Latest News!

Check out the Foundation Stage Gallery for the latest photos and topic information. 







 Support your Child - Read a story everyday (5 minutes everyday)  and learn                                              favourite stories by heart. 








30 Hour Childcare Information

Please ensure that you apply for your new or updated code before 30th Novemeber.  


The DfE has produced a new parent communications toolkit, to provide further information to parents about 30 hours and Tax-Free Childcare. The toolkit includes materials such as:

  • Customer journey infographics for both 30 hours and Tax-Free Childcare
  • ‘Top things parents and providers should know’ Q&A
  • A factsheet for parents on how they can use their 30 hours’ entitlement
  • Pre-drafted emails to parents and providers to inform them of the application deadline and reconfirmations
  • A glossary for parents and providers to help explain key words associated with 30 hours and Tax-Free Childcare