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At Seaburn Dene Primary School we carefully design, plan and implement a curriculum which provides breadth for every pupil.


At Seaburn Dene Primary School discussion and analysis of our children’s backgrounds, experiences and culture has helped us to design a curriculum with the school drivers and four key words from our vision underpinning every subject. We believe that by combining and focusing on the following key priorities our children will be ready to successfully meet the challenges of the next stage of their education and beyond.

Our curriculum drivers are:

  • The Creative Arts inspire young children;
  • Links with communities, local and distant, enhance learning;
  • Physical Education is fundamental to encouraging and laying the foundations for a healthy lifestyle;
  • Scientific enquiry, combined with technological skills, prepares children for the future.


Our key words are:

  • Kindness-we aim to embed kindness throughout the whole curriculum in the way we behave towards others and through subject related stories that have moral issues within them.
  • Determination-we aim to support children when learning becomes challenging so that they persevere, accept mistakes as a learning tool and persist until they succeed
  • Aspiration-we aim to provide experiences which show children the wide range of possibilities available for their future, linking these to their learning in school.
  • Respect- through our curriculum we aim to open minds to accept and respect beliefs, social class, gender,  ethnicity, abilities and age.



At Seaburn Dene Primary School we carefully design, plan and implement a curriculum to provide balance for every pupil.


At Seaburn Dene Primary School we believe that every child should feel valued and experience the feeling of success in a wide range of curriculum areas. We believe that this feeling of achievement can impact on attitudes, confidence and aspirations and, when children believe in themselves, they are determined to tackle any challenges they face.

We have designed our curriculum so that, at any age, children receive an appropriate mix of academic and personal development subjects. Whilst we recognise that the core skills in English and maths are the foundations, in practice our curriculum places equal importance in all areas of the curriculum.


At Seaburn Dene Primary School, we place a high priority on ensuring children’s physical and emotional wellbeing are met. We understand that children will not be successful learners without resilience and determination so a Growth Mindset underpins the work we do in school. We carefully monitor children’s progress with their personal development and the school’s approach to SMSC helps to ensure that every child is well cared for and supported.


Our balanced approach to the curriculum complements the core subjects. We expect and endeavour to reach the highest possible standards so that children leave this school with good English, maths and science skills, understanding and knowledge. These are essential if they are to succeed at the next stage of their education and go on to achieve full and happy lives and careers.


Our full and rich curriculum with its excellent range of experiences, ensures that children make very good progress academically and personally. Our unique curriculum with its focus on regional links and aspirations for the future, ensures that every child is given the opportunity to shine and flourish.